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Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins posterStealing a page from the wildly popular Cinema Under the Stars which is held in downtown Regina each summer, Government House is holding an outdoor movie screening of its own on Sunday Sept. 7.

The movie being shown is the 1964 Disney classic Mary Poppins starring Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke. It’s set in Edwardian London in 1910, and in a neat twist of synchronous fate Sunday’s screening is being held in the Edwardian Garden on the Government House grounds.

There probably won’t be any dancing cartoon penguins in attendance, but some fun-filled family activities are planned, and popcorn and other snacks will be available for purchase. The evening will start at 6 p.m., and the screening will begin at dusk. For more information call 639-571-7123.


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Exciting Goings On In Victoria Park

SidewalkShameIIAbove is a photo of the remains of a tree that I blogged about in May whose expanding root system seemed to be wreaking havoc on a stretch of sidewalk on the southeast corner of Victoria Park along Scarth St. In the linked photo, it’s the one with the band on it as seen from the south.

In addition to removing the tree the city has installed a metal brace to keep the paving stones on the park border in line. And overall, Victoria Park is pretty beat up after the tough winter, spring and summer we’ve had. After the jump there’s a photo of the southwest corner with sand spread out over the dead areas. Continue Reading →

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Sean Whalley (Trimmed)Born in St. Catherines, ON, Sean Whalley moved to Regina in 1997 to enroll in the MFA program at the University of Regina. That followed a stint at York University where he obtained his BFA and also studied the obsolete technologies of blacksmithing and coopering.

As a sculptor, Whalley has long been interested in the use of discarded/recycled materials that speak to his interest in the environment and sustainable living. Currently employed as an assistant professor in the U of R’s Faculty of Visual Art, Whalley opened the exhibition Trimmed at the Art Gallery of Regina yesterday.

The above photo is a studio shot of one of the pieces which is inspired by the practice of power companies and related regulatory bodies pruning trees in urban and rural areas to accommodate power lines. As the years go by, and the trees continue to grow in response to natural forces such as sunlight and wind, the periodic pruning that they receive often cause them to morph into grotesque shapes that, in the context of this show, highlight the tension that can exist between humanity and the broader natural world.

Trimmed runs at the Art Gallery of Regina until Oct. 4. As well, on Sept. 24 there’s a reception for Whalley from 7-9 p.m.

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The Jazz Band-Its

Each Monday and Wednesday at Bushwakker Brewpub on Dewdney Ave. in the Warehouse District,  live music is on tap in addition to all the different craft beers. Monday is devoted to jazz and blues, while Wednesday folk and country-rock are more the focus. Start time on Monday is 8 p.m. and Wednesday it’s 9 p.m.

Tonight, the Regina based Jazz Band-Its are performing. You can find out more about the group on its website, and to give you a sense of what to expect here’s video of the band performing at a Regina Jazz Society gig at LeBistro in 2012:

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I Just Want The Awesome Barber Shop To Give The Nice Lady A Haircut UPDATED

Well, Yellowknife’s Ragged Ass Barbers is apparently willing to give men’s haircuts to women. Here’s a freshly tweeted tweet:

See? No big deal. Change the rules and move on.

Original post below.

Judging from Facebook, Ragged Ass Barbers continues to have a lot of support for its trouble-making and divisive “no haircuts for women” policy. While some of its defenders are reasonable, unfortunately, this comment on my original post stood out as reflective of too much of RAB’s support:

“…this is such neo feminist bullshit.. she is trying to destroy an honest, well liked and successful business thats here to fill a small niche in the community. There are hundreds of other hair stylists that can fulfill her needs.. there are also places like ‘curves’ that only serve women. She has launched an attack campaign that amounts to no more than harassment and is doing nothing to further the needs of her lesbian rights movement. There are bigger problems in this world. I say either grow a pair or stay out.”

“Neo-femminsit [sic] bullshit?” Don’t have a clue what that is, sounds like a made-up thing.  “Grow a pair or stay out.” Charming! “She has launched an attack campaign [that's] doing nothing to further the needs of her lesbian rights movement…” Her what-movement, who now? Most of Evie’s supporters are boring straight people like me.

And then, this:

“…trying to destroy an honest, well liked and successful business…”?

No, hard-part refugee Evie Ruddy is not trying to “destroy a business”. As Evie herself says in the comments:

“…if RAB had a change of heart and continued to offer traditional barber style haircuts to anyone, not just men, it wouldn’t affect their male-dominated atmosphere as I doubt that very many women would want barber-style cuts and this could end.” [Emphasis added.]

She’s absolutely right. There will be a ton of support for RAB changing their dumb policy. It won’t ruin the place, or even significantly change it (girls don’t have cooties!) and we’ll all have a lovelier, more civilized city.

I understand why everyone’s worked up: it’s terrifying to be accused of discrimination and threatened with a human rights complaint, and it’s especially head-essplodey when the business on the receiving end of such a major complaint isn’t evil. And yes, an argument could be made that Evie went for the big guns (media, human rights complaint) sooner than she needed to, and ideally, she would have found gentler, friendlier ways to persuade RAB to change their dopey, ill-considered rule.

(Then again, one should be hesitant to judge the actions of someone who’s just been discriminated against: i.e., the actual victim who’s now receiving threats).

If this fight doesn't end soon it  could escalate to an Ezra Levant-category disaster.

If this fight doesn’t end soon it could escalate to a full-blown Ezra Levant-category event.

I understand that many people love Ragged Ass Barbers and are just defending their friends. And I’m pretty damn sure that Ragged Ass is a great business run by great people. I think everyone wants it to flourish. But it’s getting more clear by the minute that this men’s only rule is too divisive. People aren’t going to let this go. A week from now, this stupid brawl will be national news and Ezra Levant will be flying in to get his hair cut.

Ragged Ass will not like that. NOBODY will like that.

Ragged Ass Barbers gets to pick how it presents itself and what services it provides, and they’ve done a fantastic job of that. They shouldn’t pick who they provide their services to based on the customer’s wiener situation.

To Ragged Ass Barbers: change the policy, cut the nice lady’s hair and everything will be fine.

Prairie Dog will even buy you guys a bottle of decent bourbon to celebrate this stupid fight being over.

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Sunday Matinee: Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse NowMan there’s a lot of classic movies celebrating anniversaries this year. And the film that broke Francis Ford Coppola mentally and financially is celebrating it’s 35th anniversary this year.

Coppola started work on Apocalypse Now a then modern adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness in the early 1970′s, he didn’t start production until 1976. Filming continued until 1977. It would take another couple of years just to edit the movie. It was finally released to theatres August 15, 1979.

The film is set during the Vietnam War. Martin Sheen is Captain Willard a man looking for an assignment. He gets one. He has go down a river in Vietnam, find Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando) and kill him. The Colonel it seems has lost it and is operating without orders and doing who knows what. Sheen and a small group of soldiers take a boat down the river. Along the way they encounter weirder and weirder situations. Surfing cavalry helicopter pilots (Robert Duvall), Playboy bunnies and an outpost that doesn’t have a commander but that doesn’t stop the chaotic fighting.
Continue Reading →

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Riders Vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers

LabourDayClassicIn our Sept. 4 issue you’ll have an opportunity to learn what our esteemed pundits Cal Corduroy, Earl Camembert and Ron Mexico think of the CFL and Rider seasons to date.

Today’s game marks the halfway point for Green & White. And for my part, the first half (for the league especially) has been a humongous stinker. Outside of a few intradivision match-ups it was all East vs. West. With the tally of wins and losses currently standing at 23-3 for the West, massive shit-kicking is the only way to describe the result.

Sometimes the wins were convincing. Other times, like with Edmonton’s 10-8 “thrashing” of the Redblacks in Ottawa on Aug. 15 and the 16-11 “pummeling” the Riders administered to the Alouettes at Mosaic Stadium on Aug. 16, they’ve been hard fought. But they’ve been victories nonetheless. And the lack of head-to-head games in the West has made it difficult to determine how all the top teams match up against each other.

After their gut-check win against the Lions in Vancouver 20-16 on Aug. 24, the Riders are 6W-2L. Yet they sit third in the West behind the Stampeders and Eskimos who are both 7W-1L. The Riders are done with the Leos for the year. And after the annual home-and-home with Winnipeg they’ll be done with them too. Then the Riders have games in Hamilton and at home against Ottawa to reach the two-thirds point of the season. After that, they play five of their last six games against the Eskimos (three games) and Calgary (two). That should result in some pretty good football. But October’s a long time to wait.

As for this tilt, it should be interesting. Unlike the past few years when Winnipeg was uh… how should I say… less that competitive, the Bombers have played some okay football so far in 2014. Although, again, most of their wins have come against the East, and three or so have been of the last-minute variety — so perhaps a bit lucky, but Ws nonetheless.

The Riders, meanwhile, face a bit of uncertainty at QB. Darian Durant may miss the game with a bum finger on his throwing hand. That injury forced him to miss the second half of the B.C. tilt, but Tino Sunseri filled in admirably. And despite some mega (and concerning) breakdowns on special teams with huge returns against the Riders prevailed.

If Sunseri starts, he could be vulnerable to the unusual blitz schemes that Bomber defensive coordinator Gary Etcheverry employs. Fortunately for the Riders it may not come to that. While Etch’s unbalanced defensive sets do cause havoc for pass defense blocking schemes, they have proven vulnerable in the past (both in Winnipeg, and when Etch was with the Riders from 2008-10) to a pounding running game — which the Riders just happen to possess in spades.

Throw in a rabid Labour Day crowd pumped over the Riders five game winning streak, and I foresee a Rider victory. Although the special teams need to pick it up a ton because their performance so far, outside of a few big returns on offense, has been pretty shaky.

Game time is 2 p.m., and TSN has the broadcast. Find out more at Riderville.

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Ragged Ass Barbergeddon

August 1993 Vanity Fair cover | photographer: Herb Ritts

Cindy Crawford says it will all be okay.

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, you’re probably aware Regina is having an epic brawl over a much-loved local barbershop that’s in hot water because it doesn’t serve women.

Last week, local human-with-hair Evie Ruddy tried to make an appointment at the Cathedral neighbourhood’s beloved Ragged Ass Barbers. Evie wanted a particular style of men’s haircut that they’re really good at. But when she called to make an appointment, she was told they don’t cut women’s hair and wouldn’t serve her.

Ruh roh.

Evie isn’t the first female customer RAB has turned down but she is the first to fight back. She also might be the first to have worked as a journalist and  activist, which is probably why she thought to turn to the media to announce a human rights complaint against the shop. From CBC:

A Regina woman is planning to make a formal complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission after being refused service at a barber shop. Evie Ruddy says she went to Regina’s Ragged Ass Barber seeking a men’s style hair cut known as a hard-part. Ruddy says she learned the shop only did men’s cuts for male clients.

“It makes me feel discriminated against,” she said. “Because the only reason they are denying me service is because I am a woman.”

She added that when she pressed the point and asked how the shop would respond to a transgender person seeking a haircut, she was given an emphatic answer.

“He launched into this rant saying if they start accepting trans clients and lesbians then what if a lesbian with long hair wants their hair cut? Where do you draw the line?,” Ruddy told CBC News.

More here.

I thought about this situation a lot yesterday. I talked to a lot of people — because this town is so small, I know Evie and I also have friends who love Ragged Ass Barbers. I also know a lot of opinionated people in the Cathedral and even other neighbourhoods.

I pondered the issues, I weighed the facts and I’m now ready to share my thoughts.

Here’s what  everyone should think and do.

First, Ragged Ass Barbers needs to immediately change their idiotic policy. They also need to apologize to Evie, offer her a free haircut and maybe make some kind of additional gesture — small donation to an organization for women’s advancement, maybe?

Ragged Ass needs to remember that this is Canada in 2014. A business attempting to discriminate against women is not going to win the fight.

Once they do this, Ruddy should graciously accept the apology (haircut optional) and drop the HR complaint.


Second: no one wants Ragged Ass Barbers to change its business model. Ragged Ass is a lovably scruffy, hairy, beardy, male-clientele focused barber shop. It can stay that way. It doesn’t have to start doing perms or shag haircuts or flower braiding or whatever. What its misguided defenders aren’t realizing is that this is the environment Evie wanted to get her hair cut in. She didn’t pick Ragged Ass because she wanted to change it, she picked it because it seemed like a cool place where she’d fit in, and get the cut and service she wanted.

Evie is a natural Ragged Ass customer. The problem is Ragged Ass doesn’t realize it.

Third: Ragged Ass Barber’s is not some evil club of woman-hating man-trolls. While I don’t know owner Craig Zamonsky, I do know some of his friends and they assure me  he’s not a sexist idiot. I don’t know if anyone’s breaking out the rope, but if they are, let’s hold off on the public lynching, okay? This isn’t some  men’s rights creep. This isn’t an organized effort by Real Women Of Canada to undermine hard-won rights. This is a businessman who through no fault of his own grew up in a sexist, homophobic and dumb society and, thanks to long-term exposure to cultural toxins,innocently blundered into a minefield.

There’s a lot of misogyny, homophobia and transphobia out there that deserves excoriation. What’s happening here doesn’t (at least not yet). This isn’t malicious. We should look at it as the cultural equivalent of a fender-bender. The fender can be un-bendered!

Fourth: drop the stupid arguments. “How come Curves can be a women’s gym but Ragged Ass can’t be a men’s barber shop?” Answer: because society is not as welcoming for women as it is for men. Thanks to harassment, sexual assault and violence, women need safe spaces in a way that men don’t. No one can reasonably claim they’ll suffer because a woman got a men’s-style cut at the same place they get their beard trimmed. But a lot of women have been harassed while working out.

Fifth: there is some genuine hatred being directed at Evie, which tells me that she’s right to challenge this dumb rule.

Finally: let’s put this in perspective. Women do not have cooties. An occasional female client is not going to ruin this manly-men’s barber shop/salon/whatever people want to call it with their stinky period smells. Ragged Ass Barbers is not going to see an influx of imaginary feminists demanding armpit hair grooming. Get real. The only “risk” is that a popular local business becomes a little cooler (and more successful).

Selling a male-style haircut to the occasional female customer will not ruin Ragged Ass Barbers. This fight, if it continues, might.

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Maven, Mangalyaan & Mars

MarsI don’t want to jinx anybody as the probes have yet to arrive, and while the success rate has been pretty good in the last decade or so, we still have a so-so track record when it comes to missions to Mars, but in the next month two probes are scheduled to complete their long journeys from Earth and arrive at the Red Planet.

The first, which is nicknamed Mangalyaan, was launched by the Indian Space Research Organization on Nov. 5, 2013, and is scheduled to arrive on Sept. 14. The second probe goes by the acronym Maven (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN). It was launched by NASA on Nov. 18, 2013, and will begin its final approach to Mars on Sept. 21.

According to this mid-August article in Discovery both probes are on track for successful arrivals at Mars and have passed different tests to ensure their instrument packages are fully functional.

Apparently, Mangalyaan has limited instrumentation, so it won’t be conducting a massive study of Mars. Instead, the mission is more to showcase India’s expertise in spacecraft construction and mission operations, with some capacity to study the Martian surface, mineralogy and atmosphere.

Maven’s scientific mission will focus on possible causes for the loss of atmosphere and water on the Red Planet. Geological studies have revealed that the planet was once much wetter than it is today, and that it also had a much denser atmosphere. But over millions of years, those properties, which are pretty much indispensable to life as we understand it, were lost. Any answers that scientists find will help us understand better the evolutionary processes that planets undergo and their impacts on climate and atmospheric viability.

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Friday Afternoon Kitty: Green Day

Dog Blog commentator C Says… writes:

“Dressler’s back, there’s a game in town this weekend, EVERYONE will be wearing green or talking about it for the next four days. So, today’s Friday Afternoon Kitty really needs to be about Watermelons, and cats, don’t you think?!”

I think “sure.”

C Says… also sent a link to an old Buzzfeed post about cats fighting watermelons. Check it out. And have a good weekend!

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Daily Aggregation: I Am Your Grandma

daily-aggregation-21. PREMIERS WRAP UP MEETING Read all about it.

2. NO COMMISSION John Gormley weighs in on the need, or lack of need, for an inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal woman.

3. BRITAIN RAISES THREAT LEVEL The country says there’s a “severe” risk of a terrorist attack. Prime Minister David Cameron promises new laws, because I’m sure there aren’t enough already.

4. NATIONALIZE THE TELECOMS! Bell and Rogers both suck.

5. THE UKRAINE SITUATION Russian Bond Villain Vladimir Putin apparently said Ukrainian troops defending their borders are like Nazis? Okay.

6. CANADIAN PLANES TO LITHUANIA But will Putin be intimidated by six CF-18 fighters?

7. CANADA HAS A SURPLUS Great. Let’s spend it on social programs.

8. EVERYBODY LOVES WESTON Saskatchewan Roughrider players are happy to have the slotback back.

VIDEO: I AM YOUR GRANDMA She’s your grandma. Give her a hug.

(H/T Dakota)

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Regina Dragon Boat Festival

Later today the 23rd annual Regina Dragon Boat Festival gets underway in Wascana Centre. There’s some sprint action on the lake tonight starting at 6 p.m., then there’s races all day tomorrow from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with an awards ceremony to follow.

Last time I checked the Regina Dragon Boat Festival website, all the details about the entertainment and other activities beyond the racing had yet to be ironed out. But I’m sure by now all that’s been taken care of by the dedicated volunteers who make the festival happen each year. So props to them, and if you’d like to become involved yourself you can find out how by visiting the website.

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Ghost Towns Of Saskatchewan Winner!

Poster (ghost towns)About three weeks ago we ran a contest for a  Ghost Towns of Saskatchewan poster by former Prairie Dog art director Nigel Hood. Nigel’s gorgeous print, made by Saskatoon’s Hard Pressed, is comprised of logos for real-live, er, dead, Saskatchewan ghost towns — the logos commemorate and celebrate these lost places. It is very, very beautiful.

(You can read more about The Ghost Towns Of Saskatchewan here.)

To win a poster, Prairie Dog readers had to explain why they deserved it (because I wasn’t going to give this beautiful thing away to some contest-junkie who could’t care less about art and Saskatchewan). By the deadline, we had 32-ish entries. All of them deserved to win. Even Barb Saylor’s!

But there can be only one champion, and to I bet no one’s surprise, I picked Nigel’s high school art teacher, Tammie. Here’s what she wrote.

Her last line clinched it: “Art matters! Art is magic! And yes, you can make a living by creating Art!”

That’s something kids need to hear.

For the sad, sad people who didn’t win: good news! We’re selling these posters, and you can e-mail me for information.

Look for a second PD Ghost Towns contest later this year. I bet Planet S will give a poster away at some point this fall, too.

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Daily Aggregation: Where Are You?

daily-aggregation-21. RUSSIAN TROOPS HAVE ENTERED THE BASE! RUSSIAN TROOPS HAVE ENTERED THE >>SKRRRZZZT<< Russian soldiers are in Ukraine. Ugh. Apparently they never saw this map.

2. MEET THE BEST DRESSLERED TEAM IN THE CFL The Riders signed the guy. More here.

3. THE PREMIERS ARE MEETING Yes they are, and they’re talking about what they call trade barriers.

4. RECOVERED RUBBLE RECALLS DYNAMITED CULTURE Hey, here’s a good reminder about how we’ve treated aboriginals in this province over the years.

5. SPEAKING OF ABORIGINALS Here’s  a CBC piece on what a national inquiry into missing and murdered women might look like. The Canadian Press has a story on this, too.

6. A FUN NEW ROB FOR SURPRISE “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford had his high school players roll in goose droppings, threatened to beat up a teacher, showed up drunk at a practice and reneged on a promise to buy $5,000 worth of football helmets for his team, according to internal school board documents released today.” Ha ha ha ha ha! In other Toronto news, looks like Olivia Chow is shitting the bed.


8. EVANGELINE LILLY OBJECTS TO HARPER’S WAR ON SCIENCE “People need [scientific] information. They need that base objective standard that they can test their decisions against.” More here. In other news, 58 per cent of Canadians do not have basic scientific knowledge.

9. REAL SUPERMEN DON’T TELL JOKES Apparently Warner Bros. doesn’t want jokes in their superhero movies. All right, then.

VIDEO: WHERE ARE YOU? Chad VanGaalen released Shrink Dust back in April. The album got good reviews (here’s ours). Now there’s a freaky new video for the song “Where Are You”. If you like weird, disturbing, surrealistic imagery, you’ll like this.

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Ukraine Is Not A Brothel

Ukraine has been in the news a lot lately in relation to its “pawn-like” status in the geopolitical chessboard of Europe. This 2013 documentary by Kitty Green predates the political upheaval that started last winter, but it packs an equally potent punch. The subject is a group of women activists under the banner Femen who agitate against patriarchal forces that remain in pretty firm control of their country — leading to the oppression and exploitation of women.

Ukraine Is Not A Brothel screens at the RPL Theatre Thursday Aug. 28 and Saturday Aug. 30 at 9 p.m. and Friday Aug. 29 and Sunday Aug. 31 at 7 p.m. Here’s the trailer:

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Paul Constant And The Minimum Wage

Nigel Hood-Minimum WageA couple days ago I pointed out the upside of Burger King’s acquisition of Tim Hortons: namely, how all the moving-to-Canada tax savings will obviously translate to higher salaries for Whopper workers.

That was sarcasm.

Corporations don’t raise wages for workers unless they’re forced to. Especially fast food corporations. And that’s one reason higher minimum wages are important: it’s a good way to force big businesses to pay their workers enough money to have some kind of a life.

Conveniently, Prairie Dog’s Official American, Paul Constant, just so happens to have a story on raising the minimum wages in the current issue. Paul lives in (future NHL city) Seattle, which has committed to raising its minimum wage to $15/hour. It’s a bold move. It’s unusual, because this is happening at the city (rather than state) level. It’s really, really interesting, no matter what city or country you live in.

From Paul’s feature:

as a Seattleite, I’m proudest of the minimum wage increase because it addresses what I consider to be the single biggest problem of our time — rampant income inequality. One of my favorite thinkers on this subject is Robert Reich, a former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton. In his books Aftershock and Beyond Outrage (and, in a more simplistic way, in the documentary Inequality for All), Reich explains that the American economy is stagnating because more and more money rises to the top one per cent of all earners and simply stays there. The wealthiest of us all now make more money than they can ever possibly spend, Reich explains, and that top one per cent is now in possession of a larger percentage of money than at any time since the 1920s. The Mitt Romneys of the nation instead invest their wealth in tax-free offshore accounts and nations like China, where pesky regulations don’t get in the way of sky-high profits. A capitalist society requires a free flow of cash, but the middle and lower classes in America now have less money to spend than they’ve had in a century, and this could lead us to another Great Recession. Reich’s prescription for this problem is heavily increased taxes on the top wage earners in America, which would then be funneled back to the middle and lower classes.

That idea was not popular, because as John Steinbeck once famously said, “socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exposed proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” Even people below the poverty line hate the idea of raising taxes on the top one per cent of all earners because they suspect they are one lottery ticket away from joining the one per cent; here in Washington state, a vast majority of voters — 64 percent of us! — shot down a proposed state income tax on individuals earning more than $200,000 a year. Because that could be us one day, right? Rags to riches is the American dream, even if it never, ever happens in real life.

It’s a good story and with this week’s big merger, even more timely than expected (we scheduled it when we did because Labour Day seems like the obvious fit). Go read it, and leave a comment if you like.

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Daily Aggregation: True Facts About Marsupials

daily-aggregation-21. CANADA POST MAKES A PROFIT Good thing Stephen Harper is ending home mail delivery and killing good jobs at a profitable company.

2. ERASE THE FACTS Stephen Harper’s government tells civil servants to delete potentially embarrassing e-mails.

3. FEDERAL NDP PROMISES INQUIRY INTO MURDERS Because unlike Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair’s party wants to understand why bad things happen. There is a counterpoint to this argument, namely that we know enough already to take action and we don’t need to wait years for an inquiry to tell us things we already know.


5. KEEP AN EYE ON THAT VOLCANO A really fucking big volcano in Iceland is acting up.

6. THE DRESSLER SHUFFLE Four other CFL teams are interested in OUR slotback. OURS!

7. VIVA LAS VEGAS Sounds like the NHL is getting ready to expand again.

8. ONTARIO HOCKEY LEAGUE ATTACKS UNIONIZATION EFFORTS Someone has to stand up for the good of the sport against greedy teenagers who make a perfectly legitimate $50/week.

9. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN A nine-year-old girl shooting an Uzi at an Arizona firing range lost control of the weapon and killed a gun instructor. Someone — possibly the parents — filmed the unavoidable, no-one-could-have-foreseen-it accident. More here.

VIDEO: TRUE FACTS ABOUT MARSUPIALS ZeFrank’s latest explains everything you need to know about kangaroos and other stuff related to kangaroos

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RidergirlWith the Winnipeg Blue Bombers enjoying a bit of a resurgence so far this season, the annual Labour Day Classic which goes at Mosaic Stadium on Aug. 31 promises to be more competitive than it has for the past few years (witness 48-25, 52-0 and 27-7 blowouts by the Riders in 2013, 2012 and 2011 respectively).

Before that happens, though, Rider fans will have a chance to get their game face on by attending this fringe play written and performed by Saskatchewan-born, Ottawa-based Colleen Sutton (photo above). Sutton’s performed the play a few times before in Regina, and it looks at the province’s obsession with the Riders from a female perspective while also exploring the idea of football as a metaphor for life.

Ridergirl will enjoy a three-day run at the Artesian from Aug. 28-30. Kick-off is at 7:30 p.m. each night, and tickets are $25 for those in Rider gear and $30 otherwise.

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Daily Aggregation: Superman V. Ice Bucket

daily-aggregation-21. GAZA TRUCE: IT’S OFFICIAL Thank goodness that’s over. People could’ve died if this stuff continued.

2. CALL THE DAMNED INQUIRY Despite Stephen Harper being a brain-locked moron on the topic, there’s lots of desire for a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women. But if you consider this to be whinging and must have a counterpoint, I recommend this.

3. GLOBAL WARMING IS TERRIFYING The evidence keeps piling up that it’s happening and it could become irreversible. Maybe you should express your concern to your MP? Especially if you have kids. Assuming you like your kids.

4. GLOBAL WARMING FRIGHTENS SCIENTISTS The people who actually understand what we’re doing to the world are basically shitting their pants. Meet biologist Shauna Murray:

Science (scared climatologist)


Says Shauna:

We’ve recorded all sorts of climate change shifts in multiple areas. However, the scientific process is consistent. Every single individual study that has been done, has gone through the same rigorous process, data collection, research analysis, and qualified peer review. At the moment, we’ve at least 10 000 different papers, completed over 20 years, each using different data sets, and they are all coming to the same climate change conclusions. We’ve a weight of evidence that the average person is simply not aware of – and this frightens me.

More scared scientists here and a HuffPost story about the project here.

5. WRITING THE CHEQUE Burger King is officially buying Tim Horton’s and moving the company to Canada to get out of paying some U.S. taxes (and no, Canada won’t get any additional tax revenue out of this, as the second story says). More here, here and here.

6. REGINA’S RED LIGHT CAMERAS Some news story I didn’t read here.

7. LAWSON POOL TO REOPEN The fumes are fixed.

8. MEET THE INTRUDEAUER The guy who walked into the unlocked Trudeau home comes forward and everyone realizes it was a case of harmless drunken shenanigans. And we learned a valuable lesson about locking doors.

VIDEO: BUCKET AFTER BUCKET Superman can take a punch. He’s invulnerable, so an enemy can unload blow upon blow and Supes keeps coming back for more. In a twisted way, it’s one of the fun things about the character. I guess that’s the idea behind his ice bucket challenge. Either that, or they’re trying to shrink his super-bulge with ice water. Should’ve kept the red shorts, I guess.

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REVIEW: The November Man Is the Wrong Kind of Bleak

Cool guys don't look at green screen explosions.

Cool guys don’t look at green screen explosions.

While it’s true James Bond is a tough act to follow, Pierce Brosnan seems to be having a hard time finding a niche following his stint as 007. Not a gifted comedian or dramatic actor (how many businessmen can this guy play?), Brosnan has attempted a number of variations on his suave British spy persona. The November Man is the most blatant and the least successful, by a mile.

Retired CIA agent Peter Devereaux (Brosnan) is recruited for a mission off-the-books, involving a former colleague and a Russian presidential candidate with a seriously dirty resume. As it happens often with under the table assignments, everything goes wrong and Devereaux finds himself on the run, pursued by all the parts involved and with a very big secret to protect. The cherry on top is that a former pupil of his is on his tail.

Even for run-of-the-mill spy thrillers this one is particularly incompetent. Between token action sequences, every character has a chance to deliver highfalutin speeches about foreign policy. I would rather hear Pierce sing. Brosnan good looks and charm make him hard to believe as a weathered, bitter pro. A bigger offender is Luke Bracey: Ostensibly a pretty face studios want to turn into the next Channing Tatum, Bracey has the charisma of a wet noodle and not for a second gives the impression he could outsmart 007.

Once an effective craftsman (No Way Out is still a paradigm of the twisty political thriller), Roger Donaldson fails to provide any believable ground to the unfolding of the intrigue. Every character tries very hard to find the least effective way possible to achieve their goals. The November Man attempts to gain in poignancy by introducing Chechnya to the narrative, but its intentions are too blatant to be taken seriously.

A bit of trivia: Luke Bracey is set to star in the remake of Point Break as the Keanu Reeves’ character. I’m skipping that one for so many reasons.

One caustic Prairie Dog. The November Man opens tomorrow.

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