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The Backhomes

Based in Victoria, B.C., this two piece psych-pop band consists of Aimee van Drimmelen and Kees Dekker. As Chris Morin noted in our July 24 issue, Dekker is a former member of the Montreal-based bands Besnard Lakes and Plants and Animals while van Drimmelen is a professional illustrator/animator.

As a duo, they’ve been together since 2009. They released their debut full-length Only Friend in 2013, and are currently working on their second album. Tuesday, Aug. 5 they’re in town to play a free show at O’Hanlon’s Pub. Dagan Harding (ex of Despistado) is the opening act, and in addition to the music the Backhomes’ stage show will include plenty of visuals courtesy of van Drimmelen.

To give you a sense of what to expect here’s the Backhomes’ video for “You Gotta Move” off of Only Friend:

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Rosetta Update

Comet_on_14_July_2014_fullwidthI blogged about the Rosetta spacecraft in January after scientists at the European Space Agency successfully revived it after most on-board systems had been shut down and it went into hibernation on its long journey to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Rosetta is now just days away from arriving at the comet, where it will conduct a detailed 17-month study which will include dispatching a probe called Philae to land on the comet’s surface.

At least, that was the plan. But in mid-July, photographs from Rosetta revealed that 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko was a contact binary (low resolution image above). What that means is that the comet, which is four km in diameter, is actually composed of two separate chunks. The news caught scientists by surprise, the BBC reported in mid-July,  and while it won’t scuttle the mission, it will necessitate some further analysis to get a handle on the comet’s gravitational field to ensure nothing goes wrong with Rosetta and Philae’s missions.

Rosetta had previously detected water vapour coming from the comet. That discovery was made in late June when the comet was 3.9 AU from the Sun. Launched in 2004, Rosetta will complete its 10-year journey when it arrives at 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on Aug. 6. By that point, the comet will be even closer to the Sun and will be outgassing even more as it heats up and that will be studied by Rosetta as well.

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Daily Aggregation: Supper Hour Edition

daily-aggregation-21. GAZA: OUTRAGE AND A TRUCE72-hour cease-fire has been negotiated in Gaza. Both sides have been accused of war crimes. There’s been lots of condemnation for the Israeli attack on a United Nations shelter. According to the BBC story in the third link, Palestinian casualties are 1,422 dead and 8,265 injured, with 440,000 refugees are fleeing the war zone. Can you imagine if 1,422 people were killed in a three-week period in Saskatchewan? We’d all know a victim or a victim’s family. How would we feel?

2. MEANWHILE IN SASKATCHEWAN The sketchy smart meter situation, Regina mosquitos and loveable friendly snakes.

3. MEANWHILE IN CANADA Homophobia leads to criminal threats, Moncton’s accused mountie-murderer is fit to stand trial, a Conservative says something untrue about guns, the Conservative war on charities continues, the International Monetary Fund says Canada should have a carbon tax and politically persecuted weed activist Marc Emery says he’s gonna get the Conservatives.

4. SPEAKING OF WEED, OFFICER BUZZKILL DOES NOT APPROVE One Brave Hero defies the high tide of legal pot in Washington state.

5. ARGENTINA DEFAULTS ON DEBT Read all about it.

6. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TONIGHT? I’m doing this. :)

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Last Song Before The War

As a prelude to the Regina Folk Festival which runs Aug. 8-10 in Victoria Park, the RPL Theatre is screening two music-themed documentaries this weekend.

This Ain’t No Mouse Music tells the story of Chris Strachwitz, who immigrated from Germany to the U.S. as a teenager in 1947, and went on to do yeoman work as founder of Arhoolie Records in recording and bringing to wider attention roots music encompassing jazz, blues, zydeco, Tex-Mex and more. The film screens tonight and Saturday at 7 p.m., and Friday and Sunday at 9 p.m.

The second movie is Last Song Before The War. It’s a documentary about a music festival that was held annually in the African country of Mali to celebrate peace and reconciliation until 2011, when militants overran northern Mali and made conditions unsafe for musicians and fans alike.

Last Song Before The War screens tonight and Saturday at 9 p.m. and Friday and Sunday at 7 p.m. Here’s the trailer:

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Genetically Engineered Foods & Human Health

GMO TourThe Regina stop on this cross-Canada tour is being hosted by Regina Public Interest Research Group. Speaking will be Dr. Thierry Vrain and Tony Mitra.

Vrain is a retired genetic engineer who, according to RPIRG, spent 30-years with Agriculture Canada working as a soil biologist and genetic engineer, and who now speaks against GE technology. Mitra, meanwhile, is a retired marine engineer who now works as a citizen journalist and food security activist in Vancouver.

During their presentation, Vrain and Mitra will discuss concerns about GE foods and provide information on how people can take action to promote bio-diversity and not surrender control of the food supply to corporate interests.

The presentation goes tonight at the Education Auditorium, University of Regina at 7 p.m. More information can be found at the RPIRG website or by calling 306-337-2420. Admission is by donation.

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Ranking the Films of Talkies

film-posterAs Gregory “G-Beat” Beatty mentioned earlier on the Dog Blog, Talkies is here again. Tonight, Tuesday, July 29, Jayden Pfeifer and guest Credence McFadzean will be talking over, making fun of and generally trying to explain M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender at the Regina Public Library Film Theatre. From having seen this movie in theatres, I can say for sure –– this movie isn’t good. Not at all.

But now that we’ve at the point where Talkies has covered two Shyamalan movies, I think it’s worth looking back at what the series has covered, both at the RPL Film Theatre and its previous home, the Creative City Centre.

My ranking of the movies of Talkies, from best to worst, is after the jump. Talkies is happening tonight, Tuesday, July 29 at the RPL Film Theatre. Admission is free with a donation to the Regina Food Bank.

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“Thing Game” By Wax Mannequin Is Still Great 10 Year On

Wax Mannequin’s music has changed over the years, moving away from conceptual work on records like And GunThe Price and Orchard and Ire to more explicitly personal and folky songs on Saxon and his most recent, 2012′s No Safe Home.

That might sound like code for “He used to make interesting music for dull robots”. Not so –– one of the songs from that early period “Thing Game”, shreds me inside to this day, and I can’t quite tell why. Part of it’s how much conviction Wax brings to the whole spare affair. Part of it’s definitely the meow break in the middle. (A “meow break”? That’s where he meows in the song, like an emotional cat would.) He meows a bunch on 2004′s The Price, but nowhere else on the album does it make me want to go someplace quiet and sob like it does on “Thing Game”.

Every time I’ve seen him perform it live –– with accompaniment or on his own during one of his many great Regina solo shows — it proves again that Wax Mannequin has all my emotional buttons mapped out better than I do myself.

Wax Mannequin is playing in O’Hanlon’s tonight, Tuesday, July 29 with Shimmering Stars.

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Daily Aggregation: The Littlest Dark Knight

daily-aggregation-21. A CAMPAIGN TO SAVE PENSIONS We’re all aware that the pension plan for retired city workers is in trouble, right? And that this is a big deal? No? Well here, read this.

2. SOME DUMB JERK SWIPED THE TRIKE OF GIRL WITH CEREBRAL PALSY Bike theft is a crime against civilization but this? Intolerable.

3. HERE COMES GONORRHEA! It wants to infect our precious Saskatchewan junk! Nooooo! Quick, everybody: to the condom cabinet!

4. FIRST NATIONS CHIEF’S’ SALARIES WILL SOON BE PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE Despite the fact that awful racists will use this information as a cudgel against First Nations governance… this is a good thing.

5. SOME WAR ON CARS Dudes in a truck shot a cyclist in BC a couple of months ago, and here’s an update. How did I miss this one?

6. PILE UP THE BODIES Hey, we’ve got  100 more dead Palestinians. But it’s okay, Israel has a right to defend itself by bombing what is essentially a 360 square kilometre prison camp under it’s control.

7. CHINESE GOVERNMENT SPONSORS CYBER-ATTACK ON CANADA No big deal, it’s not likely they spy on us any more than the Americans.

8. ALBERTA’S LAST PREMIER HAS A NEW EXPENSE SCANDAL Huh. Wonder how long before Albertan’s turf the PC party.

9. THIRTY-FIVE  PER CENT OF AMERICANS HAVE BEEN SENT TO COLLECTIONS When a third of your country has this much debt, you have a problem with the system, not with individual people. Dummies will of course disagree and talk about “personal responsibility” while ignoring the U.S.’ fundamentally inequitable economy.

10. SATANISTS FOR BIRTH CONTROL Last month, a terrible U.S. Supreme Court decision raised the religious freedoms of a corporations (?!?!) over the rights of female workers. The decision, involving a shitty company called Hobby Lobby, has been widely blasted. Not all is lost, however, thanks to an initiative by a truly ethical religious organization calling for religious exemptions to over-reaching legislation. I’m referring, of course, to the Satanists.

BATKID BEGINS The trailer for a touching-looking new doc is out.

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I Could Kill Myself With My Panties

Thirza CuthandThis performance by Saskatoon artist Thirza Cuthand (pictured) goes Wednesday July 30 at 8 p.m. at the Artful Dodger (1631 11th Ave.). It’s being presented by the Dunlop Art Gallery as part of its Tragedy Plus Time project that examines different ways that people use humour to help cope with tragedy.

I don’t have a ton of details about the performance, but advance publicity from the gallery says that it’s autobiographical in nature, and will touch on issues such as ethnicity, sexuality, desire and the stigma of mental illness.

In addition to Cuthand’s performance, there will also be an appearance by the Tragedy Plus Time Players who will do some long-form improv. The players include Jayden Pfeifer, Katie Rich, Colby Richardson and Judy Wensel.

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Four Albums We Could’ve Reviewed Without Using the Word “Jangly”

We knew early on that the word “jangly” would be showing up a lot in the most recent review section for Prairie Dog. I’m assuming Whitworth was mostly playing along by putting “jangle” in his Jenny Lewis review, giving us this:

Could we have reviewed these albums without using the words “jangly” or “jangle”? Sure. But listening to Monomyth’s Saturnalia Regalia!, goddamn if there wasn’t some jangle to those guitars. And if Eden and Matthew and Whitworth say there’s jangle happening on their respective records — even if one of them might just be a good sport about the whole jangle-thing — who am I to argue? I guess I’m a contributing editor, a position that would allow me to argue with word choice, but I’m sure I was really tired the day I was reading all these.

So I’m not going to say the problem is the word “jangly”. I’m going to say we needed to review at least one album that didn’t need that word tied to it. Heck, we could’ve done a whole review section sans “jangly”. Here are four albums from around the time of this issue we could’ve run with instead of all these jangly records.

Shabazz Palaces, Lese Majesty You’ve got a short time to go over to NPR and stream this album. I’d recommend it, even though I haven’t yet had the time to dive into this. Shabazz Palaces are Seattle’s greatest hip-hop act whose last album, 2011′s Black Up, earned high marks from me when I reviewed it. (I can’t find that review on line, so you’ll just have to trust me on that one.)

The Muffs, Whoop Dee Doo There’s nothing jangly about the new album from this band, their first all-new collection in a decade. As you can hear on “Up and Down Around”, the Muffs play like the best kinds of grunge relics. (What about the worst kind of grunge relics? Trust me, you don’t want to hear them play anything.)

Woman’s Hour, Conversations I’m a little surprised when a new album from Secretly Canadian comes out and we don’t review, since this label is entirely my jam almost all the time. I’d mostly put this London band into that category after having watched the video for their title track. Their super-light electro-pop works well, and is a nice counterbalance if you’ve been hearing that one Sylvan Esso song everywhere and it’s just too hard hitting for you.

York Factory Complaint, Lost in the Spectacle NPR called their sound a “dystopian cocktail of Tim Hecker and Perfect Pussy”. So, no chance of jangly here.

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Daily Aggregation: Girl In A Country Song

daily-aggregation-21. GAZA: SEVEN MORE DEAD CHILDREN I wish so-called “pro-life” activists worried more about stuff like this and less about bullshit like this.

2. GAZA: FINGER-POINTING OVER BLASTED HOSPITAL It’s horrible whoever attacked it.

3. GAZA: CAN WE JUST HAVE A FUCKING TRUCE? The UN would like one, please.

4. SASKATCHEWAN NEWS ROUND-UP The North American Indigenous Games wrap up, a high-speed chase ends at Corner Gas, the Leader-Post talks to a right-wing, opposes-everything-except-tax-cuts business group spokesperson about Regina’s forthcoming recycling program, and Saskatoon had a fun nerd convention.


6. FORD FEST BRINGS OUT THE BIGOTS Disgraced Toronto mayor Rob Ford held a controversial, election-rule-skirting event in Toronto this weekend. Protesters turned out, because duh,  Ford has repeatedly shown hostility towards Toronto’s Queer community and he’s earned such protests. Some of the Rob Ford supporters responded with ugly, ignorant slurs. More here.

7. “EVERYBODY DOESN’T HAVE TO BE OKAY WITH HOMOSEXUALS” Okay, just one more report from Ford Fest. And you know what? Yeah, you kinda do have to be “okay with gay people”, in exactly the same way you have to be “okay” with First Nations people, Asian people, female people and disabled people. You have to be okay with the basic biological realities of human beings and if you’re not, you’re an ignorant bigot who’s going to be called out.

8. THIS MEANS YOU TOO, VIRGINIA Another gay marriage ban is struck down in the United States.


10. PUSSY RIOT TAKES RUSSIA TO COURT The free-speech activists sue Russia for damages.

VIDEO: OMFG COUNTRY MUSIC IS SEXIST WTF? Watch this and raise your consciousness!

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When The Last Airbender was released in 2010 it really cleaned up on the awards circuit — or, at least, one set of awards. The not so coveted Golden Raspberry Awards. M. Night Shyamalan was the creative “genius” behind this fantasy adventure flick about a boy with martial arts super powers who battles bad guys of some description.

Tuesday at 7 p.m. local comic Jayden Pfeifer will elucidate further on the movie and its provocative themes in this installment of Talkies. The screening goes at the RPL Theatre and admission is free with a donation to the food bank. To get your own quip generator primed, here’s the trailer:

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Sunday Matinee: Mothra

MothraOut of all of Toho’s giant monsters, Mothra was a little different. Based on the novel The Luminous Fairies and Mothra, Mothra seems to owe a little more to Universal’s King Kong than Godzilla.

Made in 1961, the movie starts with a ship sinking during a storm near Infant Island, an island that is believed to be deserted but was used for nuclear testing by the fictional government of Rolisica. The surviving sailors make their way to Infant Island where they are rescued. The survivors are then isolated and tested for radiation poisoning. Strangely none of the survivors have any radiation on them at all. Further more they all claim that the island’s natives helped them. When the news that there might be people on the island, Rolisica claims that they checked out the island before they tested on it.
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Queen City Ex

Last year, organizers experimented with a Tuesday evening parade to kick off the Queen City Ex. I guess things went well, so they’re doing it again. The parade will start July 29 at 7 p.m. at Dewdney Ave. and Cameron St., and proceed east on Dewdney to Broad St., where it will turn south and move along Broad to Broadway Ave., finishing at the Tartan Curling Club. Then once the parade’s over there will be a fireworks display in Wascana Park.

The QCX itself gets going on Wednesday July 30. Feature attractions this year include Alex the Lion (Madacasgar 3), Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, Saskatchewan Express, Samantha Halas (contortionist), Splash ‘n’ Boots, Tim Holland (puppet tamer), Josh Casey (comedic juggler) and the midway.

As far as the Grandstand goes, Wednesday it’s the country band Lonestar with Blackjack Billy; Thursday it’s the Canuck pop/punk band Marianas Trench with Dear Rouge; Friday it’s ex-Poison front man Bret Michaels Band  with Bleeker Ridge; Saturday it’s Canuck rockers Monster Truck with Danko Jones; and Sunday it’s the Canuck rock/rap band Down With Webster with Amy Hef.

The shows should get going at 7 p.m., and are free with gate admission. Find out more about the QCX here. And to get everyone pumped here’s video from 2013 of Monster Truck performing two tunes (“Sweet Mountain River” and “Old Train”):

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University Draws Criticism For Proposed Security Partnership With Israel

Partnership (IsraelandUofR)In a recent article on demonstrations in Regina and Saskatoon against the bloodbath in the Gaza Strip I noted that demonstrators in both cities were touting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign.

BDS is modeled after a successful effort in the 1980s to persuade South Africa to end apartheid. With little likelihood of the current Canadian government doing anything constructive to help resolve the crisis in Gaza, where Palestinian casualties in the last two weeks have topped 900 (most of them civilian), the BDS movement is seen as a way to put grassroots political and economic pressure on Israel to stop enforcing what BDS proponents argue is apartheid in that country.

In Saskatoon, demonstrators rallied at the headquarters of the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan to draw attention to ties it has with an Israeli mining company. In Regina, a possible partnership between the University of Regina and Hebrew University in Jerusalem on an MBA in public safety was the focal point.

On Wednesday, July 23, members of the university’s faculty, student body and the broader community held a press conference (photo above) to release documents obtained via a Freedom of Information request. Andrew Gaudes, Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration which includes the Paul J. Hill School of Business and Levene Graduate School of Business, has since denied that any partnership exists.

That’s perhaps true, but the documents released by the group show that extensive discussions were held between the U of R and the Policing and Homeland Security Studies department in the Faculty of Law at Hebrew University. The discussions included a trip by Gaudes and associate dean Ron Camp to Israel in November 2013 to visit Hebrew University and meet with faculty there. Proposals for a course syllabus, fee schedule, and other activities for U of R students to participate in while they were in Israel (such as trips to the Dead Sea and the ancient Jewish fortress of Masada) were subsequently developed.

During the press conference various speakers outlined their concerns with the idea. To begin with, Hebrew University is partly located on contested land in Jerusalem that Palestinians regard as being occupied illegally by Israel. As well, if a student with Palestinian roots enrolled at the U of R was to sign up for the course they would likely be denied the opportunity to take it as huge restrictions exist on the ability of Palestinians to participate in public life in Israel. That would run contrary to the University of Regina’s overall commitment to human rights and equality which is a core principle of the university.

The biggest concern, though, was the idea of students in the MBA program, which would be geared to providing training for police and other security work in Canada, taking lessons on tactics and strategies in one of the most volatile regions of the world where the human rights of an oppressed population are regularly trampled on. The speakers emphasized that Israeli academics have close ties with Israeli police, military and security forces and were an indispensable part of the overall enforcement of apartheid in the country.

It boggles the mind that the university would ever consider such a partnership. And when you consider the escalation of police tactics in Canada lately to control lawful demonstrations such as at the G8 summit in Toronto in 2010, not to mention the comparison that could be drawn between Palestinian activists/agitators in Israel and indigenous activists/agitators here in Canada and the oppression that could be visited on them, the potential impact on our democratic rights is pretty scary.

With the recent outcry, this partnership might be dead. Or maybe it will just lie dormant for a time. Regardless, concerned Reginans have submitted a second FOI to gather more information about the U of R’s involvement with other Israeli institutions with security mandates beyond Hebrew University. That likely won’t yield any results for a few months, but we’ll see what’s uncovered then.

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Riders Vs. Toronto Argonauts

14 days photo July 24Had the Riders got off to a good start in 2014 the bye they had last week likely would have been regarded by the team and fans as coming too early in the season. But since the Riders were slow out of the gate, and were obviously struggling to find replacements for key off-season departures at running back, receiver, linebacker and defensive line, the break was welcome in Riderville.

We’ll find out later tonight when the Riders take the field at Mosaic Stadium against the Argos if the coaching staff was able to find the missing pieces to the team chemistry puzzle that the Green & White will need if they’re going to compete in what looks like a pretty tough West Division in 2014.

On July 5, you’ll probably recall, the Argos pounded the Riders in Toronto 48-15. The photo above is from that game, and while Rider D-lineman John Chick had Ricky Ray well in hand on this play, the Argo QB lit up the Rider D the rest of the game for 407 yards passing and three TDs.

With his pin-point passing and quick release, Ray’s done that to a lot of teams over his career. But the Riders in particular have been susceptible to that type of nickel-and-dime, ball control offence over the last few seasons. If defensive coordinator Richie Hall and his charges don’t have an answer for Ray tonight it will be a long evening for the Rider faithful.

I say that because I don’t really see the Rider offence lighting it up against the Toronto D tonight. Inside receiver Chris Getzlaf is still out with an injury, and centre Dominic Picard is on the shelf as well. Utility lineman Dan Clark will start in his spot instead.

The biggest uncertainty is at running back, though, where the Riders will employ their third different starter in four games. Ex-Winnipeg Blue Bomber Will Ford gets the nod tonight, and he’ll be backed up by game 1 and 2 starter Anthony Allen, with Jerome Messam playing his second game at fullback.

In addition to veteran wideouts Rob Bagg and Taj Smith, the Riders will deploy three newcomers at inside receiver: Brett Swain, Dan DePalma and Chaz Schilens. If that trio struggles to connect with QB Darian Durant points will be at a premium for the Rider offence as they were in Toronto and in the team’s 26-13 home loss to B.C. on July 12.

Game time is 8 p.m., and TSN has the broadcast. For more information visit the Riderville website.

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Friday Afternoon Kitty: Happy Birthday!

Today’s FAK goes out to political hack and occasional (non-politics) Prairie Dog freelancer, Kat Norton, who, rumour has it, has a birthday today!

Happy Birthday to Kat, and any other cool B-Day cats out there!

Have a great weekend!

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Daily Aggregation: Weekly Edition

daily-aggregation-21. THE CANADA REVENUE AGENCY SAYS PREVENTING POVERTY IS NOT A LEGITIMATE TAX DEDUCTION Well gee, I can’t see how this terrible decision is rationally or morally defensible.

2. CONSERVATIVE WAR ON CHARITIES COULD INCLUDE DONOR DISCLOSURE If a nice government that didn’t have a history of abusing power and attacking political enemies (and wasn’t in the pocket of the corporate and oil lobby) suggested something like this, I’d be willing to consider that it might be a reasonable idea. Coming from these assholes, I seriously doubt it’s anything other than the usual Conservative bullshit. Oh and hey, you can read more on the ongoing Conservative attack on free speech here.

3. MEANWHILE IN TRASHING THE PLANET NEWS A study says an Arctic oil spill would probably cross international borders. Maybe the Canadian Revenue Agency should audit the World Wildlife Fund for such blatantly political non-science activities as studies like this.

4. SAY YOU’RE SORRY An international organization of judges and lawyers has asked Canada’s Prime Minister to apologize to Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin for idiotic comments he made a while back after he tried to do something stupid and incompetent.

5. CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT POSTS A HUGE DEFICIT Story here. Why does anyone think conservative governments are good with money? They toss money at dumb, expensive ideas and cut taxes for rich people.

6. SOME STORM! Clean-up is under way. More on the storm here. Power went out in the pub I was in last night for, I dunno an hour maybe? Hour and a half? I took a photo! Would you like to see it? Okay!

Weather (ohanlons blackout)



8. MEANWHILE IN KILLING CIVILIANS Here’s the latest news on Israel’s ongoing attack on the Gaza strip. You know, the one where Israel blows up schools, hospitals and children playing on beaches.  By the way, Gwynne Dyer has a nice analysis in our new issue. You can read it here.

9. WILL CANADA’S GUN LAWS LOOSEN UP SOME MORE? Here’s a story from earlier in the week.

10. SHOOTING AN UNARMED PERSON IN THE BACK, TWICE, IS APPARENTLY NOT MURDER IN THE U.S. ANY MORE “The lady didn’t run as fast as the man, so I shot her in the back twice. She’s dead … but he got away.” Might be time to put up a wall between Canada and the U.S. We don’t need that country’s fucked-up gun culture here.

11. ANOTHER BUNGLED EXECUTION IN THE U.S. What is wrong with that country? Executing criminals is uncivilized, as this story makes clear.

12. TEEN SEXTER STILL HEADING TO TRIAL Here’s an update on the ludicrious sexting case in Manassas, Virgina, where  public pressure stopped authorities from inducing an erection in a teenager and photographing it.

13. SEX GECKOS DOOMED TO DEATH IN OUTER SPACE? Sure, you could read the actual story but it’s probably more fun to read this piece about a small spark of joy in the dull day of the Internet’s headline writers.

14. SO WHAT THE HECK ARE ADVANCED STATISTICS, ANYWAY? The Columbus Dispatch has a really good introductory feature on the NHL’s growing interest in Corsi numbers — from my beloved Columbus Blue Jackets perspective, of course.

VIDEO! Please heed and enjoy this timeless advice for anyone with naughty plans involving nice ladies tonight.

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Scale The Summit

Scale the Summit hail from Houston. They’re a prog metal/instrumental band that’s been around since 2004. In that time they’ve released four albums, the latest being The Migration in 2013.

On Monday July 28 Scale the Summit will be in town to play a show at the Exchange. Sharing the bill will be Glass Cloud, ERRA, Reflections and Monuments. Doors are at 6 p.m., and tickets are $12 advance and $17 at the door. To give you a sense of what to expect, here’s a video for the tune “Atlas Novus” off The Migration:

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We Are Watching You Regina

This afternoon I was part of a covert meeting with Saskatoon Ward 10 councillor Zach Jeffries.  I invited him to meet me here on the “down-low” but of course, with public profiles like ours it was a matter of time before the Regina paparazzi caught wind.  I expect photos and rumours will begin to pop up like so many Richardson’s ground squirrels, so I have decided to strike first in an effort to control the message because some of the photos and reports may not be flattering.

Among the topics on our agenda:

The tripling of Highway 11 to introduce a lane specifically for use by Zach, myself and our friends.  Start kissing our asses now if you don’t wanna be tail-gated by a Dodge Ram or boxed in by a Crown Victoria ever again. None of  those in our lane.  Also no speed limit.

Saskatoon to become a second location for the Regina Folk Festival, and Regina will host some of  The Saskatchewan Jazz Festival.  The RFF is a beauty and Sask Jazz is friggin’ amazing. Both festivals should happen in both cities. For example, Serena Ryder plays RFF Aug. 9 at 10:50pm and under our new arrangement, she would then drive to Saskatoon, using the Zach- Heath Superlane and play at 1:30am.

Mayor swap! Once a year, for one month we will swap mayors.  They don’t get to use the lane.  Extended time away from home presents a great chance for politicians to get quality time with a mistress!  A happy mayor is a better mayor, no?

We have a lot to do so I bid you farewell.  In the meantime, we welcome your suggestions regarding Saskatoon/Regina co-operative efforts.

Back off with the camera you sonofab***h!


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