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Daily Aggregation: SCC Strikes Down Bill 5

daily-aggregation-21. SEE ABOVE Then read more here.

2. CSIS WILL HAVE THE POWER TO HARASS ENVIRONMENTALISTS, ANTI-POVERTY ACTIVISTS, WHOEVER THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T LIKE! Um, I mean terrorists. Surely a country that once spied on Tommy Douglas won’t abuse this kind of power.

3. A BILLIONAIRE PEDERAST’S STARR POWER The dude who went pitbull on Bill Clinton for consensual sexytimes with Monica Lewinsky helped save a Very Bad Man from life in prison.

4. THE SASKATCHEWAN LIQUOR PUBLIC CONSULTATION CLOSES TODAY In a suddenly fragile economy, should we support the government’s plan to replace good union jobs with low-wage jobs?

5. THE U.S. LIKES ITS OFFSHORE TORTURE GULAG CUBAN NAVAL BASE The country won’t hand the Guantanamo Bay naval base over to Cuba.

6. MITT DOESN’T HAPPEN A zillionaire oaf won’t run for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

HUG AN ANACONDA TODAY Why? Because they’re friendly and cute, duh. And they hardly ever poop on you. Just ask Meghan Kelley!

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Kim Beggs

Born in Quebec, Beggs moved often with her family when she was a child as her father took different jobs in the mining industry. Eventually, they ended up in the Yukon, and that’s pretty much where she grew up.

As a folk/roots singer-songwriter, she has four albums to her credit, the most recent being Beauty & Breaking which was released in 2013. On Saturday, Jan. 31 she’ll be in town to play a show presented by Grassroots Regina. The gig is at the SCES Club, and should get going at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $15.

To give you a sense of what to expect, here’s video of her and her band performing the song “Beauty Breaking”:

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Daily Aggregation: Octopus Love

daily-aggregation-21. COUNTDOWN TO NEW ANTI-TERRORISM LEGISLATION The Conservatives will bring in new so-called anti-terrorism legislation tomorrow. Will it be awesome and save Canadians from Islamic State nutjobs? Will it be useless, like the anti-spam legislation that doesn’t keep spam out of my in-box? Will it be an attempt to criminalize ideas and opinions this government doesn’t like, in much the way the Canada Revenue Agency only seems to audit charities for political activities Stephen Harper doesn’t like? Prediction: no, yes and probably. What else would you expect from a government that says mass surveillance is just peachy?

2. BRING ON THE FIRST NATIONS VOTERS If more First Nations people vote they could change election outcomes in Saskatchewan for the better.

3. SUICIDAL SOLITARY SITUATIONS Canada corrections investigator is concerned about reforms to the way solitary confinement is used in Canada, so he’s written a letter to the Harper government. But with cuts to Canada Post, who knows when that will show up.


5. LOW-RISK OFFENDER FACILITY CLOSES The NDP says that’s almost certainly correctly, that this is a terrible idea.

6. THE LOONY SUCKS Slurp slurp.


8. MEDICAL EXPERIMENTATION ON MR. HOCKEY Gordie Howe gets shot-up with Tijuana stem cells. (Warning: when you click the link, a video will rudely play automatically because Postmedia business goofs are short-sighted fuckwits who think that making the Internet suck is good for business.)

9. WELL, JORGE, THE GUARDIAN LIKED INHERENT VICE The best English language newspaper in the world joins armchair critics Aidan Morgan and Stephen Whitworth to challenge the tyranny of Castillo’s wrong opinion on a movie. Take THAT, Jorge.

VIDEO: BABY OCTOPUS STROLL Thanks to Charles Atlas Sheppard for sharing this on Facebook, alerting me to it.  Whoops, just noticed that you’re supposed to get permission to use this video. Not gonna. So, I guess we need a different one. How about this?

You can see the original video here.

Also: I’m sorry Priscilla pooped on you the other night, Charles.

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The Language Of Love

madeleineowenPresented by the Baroque period ensemble Per Sonatori, this concert goes at Knox Metropolitan Church on Saturday, Jan. 31 at 8 p.m.

Guest artist is Madeleine Owen (pictured) who plays the theorbo which is a large-sized member of the lute family. Owen apparently grew up in Regina, and during her time back in the city she will also deliver a free lecture at Knox Met on Jan. 29 at 7:30 p.m. where she’ll speak about the theorbo and its role in Baroque music.

Joining Owen as guest artists in The Language of Love are soprano  Kerri Cornish Morton and counter-tenor Jon Achtzehner. Works by early Italian composers Scarlatti, Monteverdi and Dall’Abaco will be performed, along with a featured solo by Owen composed by Giovanni Kapsberger.

Again, the concert goes at Knox Met Church on Saturday at 8 p.m.

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Daily Aggregation: Kung Fury

daily-aggregation-21. NO DECENT PIZZA IN REGINA? Um, okay? Wait, no. Try Beer Bros. Blue Shroom, O’Hanlon’s Joe Fromaggio or the Artful Dodger’s Best Basil. I’m sure commentators will have other suggestions. That said, there’s always room for more great pizza. I’d love a Terroni, or a place that made great Chicago-style pizza.

2. STRIPPERS HAVE INFILTRATED REGINA! Citizen Harold Lutzer says, “I think we need to see a lot of this cleaned up in our city”. Meanwhile, some people are annoyed the city voted against the license application, which had been recommended for approval by city administration. The Leader-Post had a story here. L-P City Hall reporter Natascia Lypny says in the video that councillors told here they’ve never seen this level of community opposition. I don’t know which councillors told her that, but I respectfully suggest that any councillors who were around for the condo conversion era or the waste-water plant controversy who said this either have amnesia or are lying more lies than a legion of dirty lying liars lying on rugs.

3. A MAJOR CANADIAN CITY IS UNDER A BOIL WATER ADVISORY The water however might be fine. Read more here.

4. RED HOT CAVEMAN SEX An anatomically modern human skull found in an Israeli cave suggests things about stuff. Science stuff. Does that sound boring? Well, what if I told you this is a story of sweet, sexy homo sapien-on-Neanderthal action? Got your attention now?

5. HELLO CROW A rescued bird named Jet surprised staff and volunteers at a Manitoba wildlife centre when it asked “who’s outside”?.

6. THE CAT CAME BACK Bart was hit by a car and buried. He’s doing well.

7. DON’T GET EXOTIC PETS YOU AREN’T ABLE TO LOOK AFTER Irresponsible pet ownership is a sign of human shittiness.

8. A LAYTON IN MULCAIR’S CLOTHING? Thomas Walkom reviews the federal NDP’s election platform. I prefer reading about whether ideas are good rather than whether they’re good strategy, personally. Still a decent read.

9. THE UN-BLIZZARD New York wasn’t massacred by snow as expected, so hooray!

10. GREECE SAYS NOPE The new prime minister condemns forced austerity during a humanitarian catastrophe.

VIDEO: I’VE FOUND A POTENTIAL PARTNER FOR WOLF COP Facebook has belatedly alerted me to an important kickstarter thing. Behold.

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Nikki Yanofsky

Born in Montreal, Yanofsky is a little more than a week shy of her 21st birthday. But as a jazz-pop singer she’s already got three albums to her credit — the most recent being Little Secret which was released in May 2014. She was also the vocalist for CTV’s theme song “I Believe” which was featured prominently in the network’s coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

On Thursday, Jan. 29 Yanofsky is in town to play a show at Casino Regina. Doors are at 7:15 p.m., and tickets are $25/$33. To give you a sense of what to expect, here’s the video for the song “Necessary Evil” off her latest album:

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Daily Aggregation: With Friends Like These

daily-aggregation-2I was on the Prairie Dog Twitter last night, tweeting and retweeting stuff about the council decision against the strip club (which was super interesting, and which you can read about here and here). For a lot of people it’s an emotional issue and sometimes that leads to heated arguments. That’s okay. For others, it’s a chance to get on a soapbox and pretend they’re better than everyone else because their politics are so very enlightened. Less okay. I saw far more of both those things than I cared for last night. It was a good reminder why the political left has trouble winning fights. Too often they confuse an honest disagreement with a personal attack. Too often, they eat their own.

Fortunately, this chubby morsel is hard to digest.

Anyway! Day’s almost over! Let’s go!

1. KNOW YOUR DUDEBROS Over the years I’ve been called a lot of things I’m not: incredibly handsome; hard-working; a gay man; Whitmore. Until last night, I’d never been called a dudebro. But apparently I am, because I’ve assigned stories on reproductive rights issues to male reporters and I’ve written rants about right-wing politicians from Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth to Texas governor Rick Perry trying to strip rights from women. Apparently not okay. after a serious of escalating tweets, this happened:

I’m far from perfect but I took the test and  got zero out of  10 so I guess I’m  no dudebro. Sorry TOPAZ but facts are facts. Not a dudebro! Shrug!

2. THE DEATH OF ALT WEEKLIES Here’s a long feature about the demise of the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and the state of the industry in general. No doubt some lefties are glad alternative newspapers die because they’re not left-wing enough and their skeletal staff isn’t diverse enough.

3. SAVAGE SITCOM Sex advice columnist and Steve-Hero Dan Savage just landed an ABC pilot! Savage is the author of the popular column Savage Love and several books including American Savage. He’s also the editorial director of Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger and founder of the The It Gets Better Project. But whatever you do don’t watch his show, because he has been criticized by some on the left for biphobia, transphobia, misogyny and eating raw babies.

4. GO WEST Another Steve-hero with Stranger roots is the brilliant and super-funny Seattle writer/comedian Lindy West. You should listen to her talk about Internet trolls, misogyny, “rape joke summer” and her evil zombie fake-dad on the latest This American Life. Here it is! Please forgive me for being a fan of Lindy’s before you’d heard of her, and for linking to this while male.

FUCK IT. SUPERHERO TRAILER. It’s the first look at the Fantastic Four reboot. What do you think? Sometimes I think I should put my energy into enjoying nerd shit rather than working at Prairie Dog. Not very often, though.

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Friendly Update, City Hall: Nudie Bars And Old White Dudes

For the record, I wrote this before I saw that Wanda already put up a piece on the same subject. I’m posting this anyway because I wasted a perfectly good afternoon writing it; and, dammit, I’m a white male and you need to hear what I have to say about strip clubs.

Hey Regina! I hear there was a vote on strip clubs last night? How’d that go? Ooooh. Controversial, you say? Council went against a staff recommendation and voted to say “No” to a strip club? Many angry words were traded on social media between strip club supporters and strip club detractors in the aftermath?

I should probably keep my mouth shut then, eh?

Well, normally, I’d agree with you because, here’s the thing… I really try to avoid covering things like strip clubs because I’m an old white dude. I’m totally sopping with privilege.

No, I’m not even kidding. I’m riding so high on old white dude privilege that sometimes it makes my nose bleed.

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No Strip Club For You, Regina

Many of you are either very relieved or really annoyed because Regina isn’t getting a strip club. Not yet anyway, because City Council voted down an application to open such a club at 1047 Park St last night. Apparently the vote came in 9-1 with the overwhelming majority of delegates showing up to speak against it. Who knew Regina City Council had it in them to overturn an otherwise air-tight business application after city administration had already recommended they approve it? So, why did they vote it down? A few councilors made points about the “value of human dignity” and “respect for women” but does anyone really buy that? There’s plenty of evidence to prove Regina isn’t especially interested in either of those things. Frankly, the decision feels a little patronizing. But it’s also something of a relief.

Personally, I don’t like where this club was slated to open – nothing against the neighbourhood itself, but the idea of having the only strip club in the city* located in the middle an industrial area that sees few pedestrians is very out of sight, out of mind. Of course, according to the city’s bylaws, it’s the only place where it legally could go – which is just weird. And punitive. And potentially dangerous. Relegating the women who work in this industry to a part of the city where no one can hear them scream should give everyone the creeps.

Regardless of how you feel about strip clubs, have you ever noticed that, in other cities, they’re always in denser areas? Sometimes you find them out near airports (the Landing Strip in Toronto, for example, is out near Pearson International – the entrance is is actually constructed from part of an old airplane fuselage). But most are much more centrally-located. In Montréal, they’re on Sainte-Catherine, and Rue de la Montagne. In Toronto, they’re on Yonge or Dundas. They’re easy to find, easy to hail cabs outside, and the surrounding area is always well lit. As Councillor Shawn Fraser pointed out, Regina needs to acknowledge that it has a sex industry to begin with before something like this can work well here. And, at the moment, no one wants to talk about regulation. We’ve had underaged prostitutes and massage parlours operating in this city for years, offering up a lot of very marginalized young women (and girls), and the most that is seriously discussed is how to keep them out of our neighbourhoods. The city seems to have a bizarrely hands-off approach to these businesses. Instead, they’d rather change the subject and make this about something it isn’t (Respect for women? Please.).

When Mick Jagger called this place the “city that rhymes with fun”, he was kidding. Regina doesn’t want to talk about sex at all. It gets too embarrassed. At this point, it’s clear that Regina cannot handle a strip club. But if it ever does wind up with one, why not put it where we can see it? How about that little stretch on Dewdney with all the bars (where there’s some nightlife and foot traffic already)? But that’s Regina for you: always reluctant to revisit bylaws. Oh, Regina.


* Dancers (the now-defunct alcohol-prohibited strip club housed in a Quonset hut near the heavy oil upgrader), was in that neck of the woods too. Carle Steel wrote about it back in 2008 for Prairie Dog’s Equity Report (and you should give it another read, because it’s really good). In it, Carle wrote “If (downtown) got a strip club before we got a grocery store, I think I would have to move.”

Carle moved anyway.


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Wolf Willow

Wolf WillowHere’s a heads up about an EP launch that’s happening on Saturday Jan. 31 at the Artful Dodger. The band is Wolf Willow, and while this might be their debut EP, there’s plenty of familiar faces in the group.

Fronted by Judy Wensel, a local theatre artist who will perform as the character Dingy Collette, Wolf Willow also includes contributions from Etienne Soloudre (steel, Lazy MKs), Ian Cameron (drums, Slim-City Pickers), Andy Beisel (guitar, Slim-City Pickers), Brian Templeton (bass, Brian Templeton Band) and Haley Lawford (vocals).

You can find out more about Wolf Willow and their music on their website. The EP is titled Radio Hour, and the launch is designed like an old time country radio show. The band will perform an extended set, and afterwards there will be a country and western flavoured dance party with the band spinning some of their favourite tunes by other artists.

Doors are at 8 p.m. at the Artful Dodger, with the music starting at 9 p.m. Tickets are $10.

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Forward Together Lecture

wade-davis-3-c-ryan-hillTonight at the University of Regina, Dr. Wade Davis (pictured) will be speaking at a lecture co-hosted by the university and its federated colleges. Davis is a graduate of Harvard University, and for 30 years now has specializesdin anthropology and ethnobotany.

As an explorer in residence at National Geographic, he has authored around 20 books recounting his time spent visiting and studying indigenous cultures in exotic locales such as East Africa, Borneo, Nepal, Peru, Polynesia, Tibet, Mali, Nunuvut, Greenland and more.

Tonight’s lecture is titled “The Wayfinders: Why Ancient Wisdom Matters in a Modern World”. It goes at the Education Auditorium at 7:30 p.m., and more information can be found on the university’s website.

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Two T-Shirts In January

T-shirt in January

I’M OUTSIDE IN JANUARY ONLY WEARING TWO T-SHIRTS AND I’M NOT COLD This weather is not normal. Also, I have a banana.

Working late tonight, needed a coffee. Figured I’d just walk across the pedestrian mall to The Good Earth because I didn’t wanna trot all the way to Atlantis (though I like Atlantis coffee better).

But a funny thing happened on the way to the caffeine.

Since this is a 20-second walk and it’s a relatively not-cold day, I don’t put on my coat. When I get to Good Earth, though, it’s closed. So I can either head to The Second Cup in the Cornwall Centre, or walk a few blocks to Atlantis (and the best coffee).

Even though I’m only wearing two thin American Apparel 50-50 shirts and I’m outside in January, I settle on Atlantis.

It was a painless walk.

Yeah, I like food and beer, so I’m well padded and I’m sure that helps me stay warm. Still, there’s no way ANYONE should be able to be outdoors in January for any length of time without shivering their skin off.

I got my coffee and I walked back to the office. Stopped to talk to a pal on the O’Hanlon’s patio, then bumped into Beatty and asked him to take the picture in this blog post.

Total time outside in T-shirts: probably 25 minutes. Total frostbite: none.

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Daily Aggregation: 29 Goals

daily-aggregation-21. EARTH WASN’T DEVASTATED BY AN ASTEROID TODAY! It’s always nice to start with the good news.

2. BIG, BADASS BLIZZARD A menacing winter storm is heading towards the U.S. East Coast. New York City officials say it could be “one of the most powerful blizzards ever recorded.” States of emergency have been declared. Hockey games might be postponed. Canada’s East Coast is preparing for power problems. You can read more from the CBC and BBC, and the Guardian has one of its helpful Liveblogs. In totally unrelated news from last week, the U.S. Senate voted that climate change is real while refusing to agree that it’s caused by humans. Because obviously scientists are wrong.

3. RECORD TEMPERATURES IN ALBERTA Here’s a story about that. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mention climate change.

4. AUSTERITY OUT OF THE AEGEAN? Sounds like the newly elected Greek government is gonna give the middle finger to Europe.

5. SLIPPERY SIDEWALKS All this fun melting and freezing has turned Regina sidewalks into nasty, dangerous things that hurt people. We now open the floor to sarcastic comments about the effectiveness of Regina’s Snowbuster campaign.

6. STRIPPERS: MENACE OR THREAT? Tonight’s City Council meeting should be a hoot. Also, has anyone pointed out that this proposed club used to be JD’s? Nickname: “Just Dirty’s”? And that bare boobs are nothing new to this building?

7. A TRAGIC REGINA FIRE WAS CAUSED BY AN UNATTENDED STOVE The Leader Post has the story, along with a video that will play automatically which is super fucking rude and annoying. I don’t mind commercials on L-P videos, but autoplay is bullshit that shows contempt for readers. Anyway, turn the volume down before you click the link.

8. DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’VE GOT TILL THEY’RE SHOT Charlie Hebdo is back on firm financial ground after a bloody massacre reminded everyone that free speech is important.


10. THE KING OF A COUNTRY THAT CHOPS OFF WOMEN’S HEADS IS STILL DEAD Didn’t blog on this last week, but just wanted to say: good riddance.

VIDEO: HOW ABOUT THAT ALL STAR GAME? Okay, a hockey score of 17-12 might be just a little ridiculous. Fun to watch though!

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Taste of Cathedral

The 2015 Cathedral Village Arts Festival runs May 18-23. It will be the 24th annual, and the theme this year is From the HeART. Before that happens, though, we’ve still got a few months of winter to slog through along with what’s typically a sketchy spring.

To help set the mood for May, plus also raise funds for the 2015 CVAF, the organizing committee is holding this fundraiser on Saturday Jan. 31. As the title implies, the event will showcase neighbourhood restaurants along with other food and drink-related businesses in the Cathedral area.

Taste of Cathedral will be held at the Italian Club. Start time is 6 p.m., and admission is $20, with taste tickets $1 each. For more information, visit the CVAF website.

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Exciting Goings On In The Alley Between 18 Block Scarth & Hamilton

Willoughby(AgPlace)This is the view from my third floor back alley fire escape as construction on Agriculture Place continues. Sask Power is in the midst of a month-long project to install electrical for the new building.

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Weekly Reckoning: Sex Bacon™ Tonic Edition

weekly-reckoningThat’s right: sex bacon. Or should I say, Prairie Dog’s Patented Sex Bacon™ Tonic! Stop not taking Sex Bacon immediately! Guaranteed to increase your SBBL count and put a strut in your step when you swig a swag of Sex Bacon™! Ingredients: ethyl alchohol, sugar, bacon, natural things like twigs and maybe a clove or two of garlic? Hey, that sounds good. Maybe this is more of a lifestyle spray than a medicinal tonic? You know, we’re still in the blue-sky phase of the product launch.

1. TOLLER CRANSTON, THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME, IS GONE Toller Cranston, the greatest skater with the coolest name who ever lived, is not living. Cranston died at age 65 in his Mexico home of an apparent heart attack. There’s no word on whether he was was wearing one of his uber-cool turtleneck sweaters or maybe writing me a letter saying, “Yes Aidan, I really am the coolest Canadian who ever popped up on your TV screen on Saturday nights to make all of the other skaters look like amateurs. I only won the bronze at the 1976 Innsbruck Olympics because my athleticism and talent and spangly suit and floppy hair terrified the judges. Keep following your dreams, Toller.”

2. TATIANA MASLANEY MASLANY, WHO IS ALMOST AS COOL AS TOLLER CRANSTON, MAY BE IN STAR WARS Regina’s Tatiana Maslaney Maslany is up for a role in the upcoming 2016 Star Wars film from director Gareth Edwards (Monsters, Godzilla). Also in contention are Rooney Mara (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Kate Mara (House of Cards) and Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything) but they won’t get it because they’re up against the cybernetic acting machine from the future we have designated as Tatiana Maslaney Maslany.

3. IT’S GETTING HARDER AND HARDER TO FIND BAD FAST FOOD The New Yorker has a fine and thoughtful piece called “The Shake Shack Economy” on the challenge that fast-casual” restaurants like Shake Shack, Chipotle and Panera Bread pose to the traditional junk food slingers of post-war ‘Murica. Traces of this trend in Regina can be found in the $15 poutines of Fatburger or the ongoing bend towards comfort food in high-end restaurants. But don’t worry, there are lots of totally awful fast food experiences available in Saskatchewan.

4. VROOOOOM VROOOOOOM SHUFFLE REPEAT What do you think of the sweet roar of the engine in your new F-150? It’s probably an .mp3 file.

5. OH SKY MALL, WE BID YOU AND YOUR MOUNTAIN OF OVERPRICED JUNK GOODBYE After 25 years of doing a rip-roaring trade in Bigfoot garden gnomes and electronic litter boxes, Sky Mall has filed for bankruptcy. has an explainer piece on Sky Mall’s business model and why it failed, but if you can’t figure out how a company whose brand was founded on selling stuff that nobody could possibly want ran out of money, then I doubt any link can help you (actually, Sky Mall’s chief revenue source wasn’t their catalogue – see the article for details). The website is still up and taking orders, but who knows how long that will last? Better move quick if you want your Night Glow Toilet Seat.

UPDATE: Maslaney Maslany.


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VOD REVIEW: Escobar Packs a Punch, but Lacks Tempo

"Is this thing on?"

“Is this thing on?”

Pablo Escobar Gaviria was a larger than life character, whether we like it or not. Because he was notoriously shady in spite of his gregarious public persona, any attempt to portray him is bound to come short. Escobar could be your staunchest ally, until you stop being of any use.

Escobar: Paradise Lost does several smart things in its approach to the drug lord’s life and times. It doesn’t face the notorious criminal directly, but through a character in the periphery. The movie also focuses on a fairly limited period of time, namely Escobar’s final week of freedom before handing himself to the authorities, plus some extended flashbacks. Finally, the film picks the one actor who can pull a role this complex without affectations: Benicio Del Toro.

The Oscar winner treats Escobar as an omnipresent force that is impossible to escape once you have fallen under his influence. Is what happens with Canadian surfer Nick (Josh Hutcherson), who has the terrible idea of falling in love with Pablo’s niece. In the beginning, Nick enjoys the perks of being in the inner circle, but soon enough avert his eyes stops being good enough.

Allegedly based on real life events (more hearsay than actual documentation) Escobar: Paradise Lost is capable of putting together genuinely tense sequences. In fact, the denouement is a tour de force. The problem is in the quiet times. The relationship between Nick and Escobar’s niece is pedestrian at best, and the red flags could have used a fresh coat.

The movie’s biggest surprise is Josh Hutcherson. Far from the emasculated Peeta of The Hunger Games saga, here Josh (as Nick) is more proactive, even though the forces he is dealing with are as big as The Capitol. Hutcherson shows some range and may have a future beyond the young-adult juggernaut. As for Del Toro, he continues to fly under the radar, yet delivering consistently good work. You have to look him up beyond the Marvel Universe, but it’s worth the effort.

Three prairie dogs and their little friends. Escobar: Paradise Lost is now available on demand.

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Sunday Matinee: History Of Comic Book Movies Part 2

Superman AnimatedComic books first started to appear in 1933 and were generally reprinted newspaper strips. It wasn’t until 1938 with the first appearance of Superman did superheroes start to dominate the format. After Superman appeared and became a hit, the industry changed. From that gave birth to Batman, Wonder Woman and many more but the heroes didn’t make the leap off the page and into film until 1941.

The first superhero movie was 1941’s Adventures of Captain Marvel. DC Comics may have had Superman but with his appearance came the imitators, knock-offs and wannabes. At rival Fawcett Comics Captain Marvel quickly became a best selling comic. In fact it outsold Superman sometimes. Republic Pictures thrived at making serials for theatres and they approached Fawcett to make a Captain Marvel movie after DC turned them down when they wanted to make a Superman serial. The film features the origin of Captain Marvel and has the good Captain flying around fighting bad guys.

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Beer Bacon Bands

For a few years now an event’s been held in Regina around this time called Festiv-Ale that was dedicated to celebrating quality beer, wine and spirits. This year, though, there’s a bit of a twist. Beer is still involved, but in addition to being able to wet your whistle, you’ll also be able to sample some ingenious bacon-based snacks created by local chefs.

Oh yeah, there’s also some great Saskatchewan bands performing including Indigo Joseph, the Pistolwhips and the Bureau. Beer Bacon Bands runs at Conexus Arts Centre Jan. 30-31 from 7 p.m. to midnight. You can find out more on the 3B website, and to give you a taste of what to expect here’s the video for the Pistolwhips’ 2014 song “Whatcha Doin’?”:

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Material Girls

Material Girls (Meryl 1.jpg)Here’s a heads up about an exhibition that’s opening at the Dunlop Art Gallery on Friday, Jan. 30. It’s co-curated by Wendy Peart, Blair Fornwald and Jennifer Matotek from the Dunlop, and will involve a whole pile of work by female artists. The artists, as the exhibition title implies, use a range of materials in their art, and the curatorial focus is on notions of excess as they relate to the feminized body, capitalist desire and gendered space in our society.

Material Girls opens with an artist talk by Raphaelle de Groot at Central Library on Friday at 6 p.m. followed by a reception at 7 p.m. Saturday at 3 p.m., Metis artist Amy Malbeuf will do a performance called Portals in the pocket park on the southeast corner of Smith St. and 12th Ave. by Central Library. The performance will be followed by an artist talk by Malbeuf at 3:30 p.m. in the RPL Theatre.

I imagine we’ll have a review of the exhibition in Prairie Dog at some point. It runs until April 5. The above pictured work, by the way, is titled Meryl 1. It’s by artist Meryl McMaster from her 2010 series Second Self

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