Electoral Boundary Commission: The Forces Of Good Are Victorious!

From CJME: After a contentious debate, the final map of new federal election boundaries in Saskatchewan is set in stone. A commission tasked with redrawing the map says only a few tweaks were made after it considered objections from Conservative members of Parliament. The overall number of seats in the province remains at 14. Breaking with a five-decade … Continue reading “Electoral Boundary Commission: The Forces Of Good Are Victorious!”

Pick of the Day: Federal Electoral Boundary Commission Hearing

We’ve blogged about this before, and the big day is finally here. After enduring ten years of federal elections in which results tended to be skewed toward a certain political party because of riding configurations in the Regina and Saskatoon area that lumped rural and urban constituents together and created conditions where it was possible for … Continue reading “Pick of the Day: Federal Electoral Boundary Commission Hearing”

Pick of the Day (Tomorrow Edition): Provincial Constituency Boundary Commission Hearing

I doubt there’ll be as much fireworks at this review of provincial electoral boundaries as there will be next Monday when hearings are held into proposed changes to the federal electoral boundaries. The main bone of contention here is the three extra seats that the Sask. Party government needlessly added to the existing 58 seats … Continue reading “Pick of the Day (Tomorrow Edition): Provincial Constituency Boundary Commission Hearing”

More Electoral Boundary Drama

According to a report in today’s Leader-Post 13 of 14 Saskatchewan MPs have filed objections related to the proposed realignment of federal electoral boundaries in Saskatchewan that would see three dedicated urban ridings created in Saskatoon and two urban and one blended rural/urban riding created in Regina. The only MP who did not file an objection is … Continue reading “More Electoral Boundary Drama”

The Boundary Backlash Is Baloney And Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Yesterday I wrote this gentle little sonnet about the people whining about proposed urban political ridings: Conservatives are tossing out every bullshit rationalization they can think of to keep the current system because the current system is broken in their favour. In fact, one of the three commissioners — David Marit, who represents rural Saskatchewanians as the president … Continue reading “The Boundary Backlash Is Baloney And Don’t Just Take My Word For It”

Well-Broken News: Electoral Boundary Stuff

Due to distraction, sickness and over-thinking, we’ve barely posted anything on the release of the Saskatchewan Boundary Commission’s report on new electoral boundaries (Although John at least mentioned it yesterday in his Six In The Morning (point five)–thanks John!). And I don’t have a lot of time–working on a 20th anniversary issue here! But this … Continue reading “Well-Broken News: Electoral Boundary Stuff”

Federal Electoral Boundary Update

We haven’t posted on this since hearings were held into the proposed redrawing of Saskatchewan’s federal electoral map back in September. To find out when the commission might be releasing its completed report I visited the federal website and found this timeline. It seems that the commission is supposed to release its report [that’s step … Continue reading “Federal Electoral Boundary Update”

Regina Wrap: Federal Boundary Hearings Move On

As Greg wrote in last week’s paper, day one of Regina’s federal electoral boundary commission hearings was a little unusual. Thankfully, reason triumphed in the second and third day of presentations. As we’ve written elsewhere, this year federal voting lines are being redrawn across the country. Saskatchewan’s federally-appointed three person commission was holding hearings last week in Regina … Continue reading “Regina Wrap: Federal Boundary Hearings Move On”

Speak Up For Electoral Boundary Reform

The mighty Greg Beatty has reported on this before (as has the also mighty Katherine Norton) but a federal commission has suggested a rearrangement of Saskatchewan’s wonky electoral boundaries. And their suggestions for Regina are pretty significant. You can see the proposed layout above. And the deadline to have your chance to have a say … Continue reading “Speak Up For Electoral Boundary Reform”

Federal Electoral Boundary Review

We reported on March 27 that a three-person commission had been appointed to review the federal electoral boundaries in Saskatchewan. Other provinces are undergoing a similar review, which happens every ten years following the Canadian census. As my linked news item notes, a lot of people have concerns about how Saskatchewan’s ridings are laid out … Continue reading “Federal Electoral Boundary Review”

Federal Electoral Boundary Review

In the 2011 federal election, Saskatchewan voters returned 13 Conservatives and one Liberal MP to Ottawa. Massive landslide for the Harperites and huge embarassment for the NDP, right? Well, not exactly. If you break down the vote totals, the Conservatives got 256,040 votes. The Liberals, meanwhile, garnered 38,981 votes. As for the NDP, they received 147,084 … Continue reading “Federal Electoral Boundary Review”

This Week At City Hall: Servicing Fee Hike, Ward Boundary Review, Spiky Public Art

First off, there’s a city council meeting on Monday coming up and at it, the last condominium conversion is being considered. Planning Commission and city staff are recommending denial but if you’ve been following the conversion story you know that’s no guarantee the conversion will be denied. Be that as it may, if you’re from … Continue reading “This Week At City Hall: Servicing Fee Hike, Ward Boundary Review, Spiky Public Art”

All Those Moments

For 25 years I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe 25 Feature | by Gregory Beatty I’ve been freelancing for Prairie Dog since the late ’90s as a general-purpose writer with a special focus on the arts — particularly the visual arts. In that time I’ve covered an esoteric mix of topics. Here’s a reflection … Continue reading “All Those Moments”

What’s A Very Catchy Song? Harperman, Harperman

This afternoon a cheerful bunch of Reginans joined Harper critics across the country for an exuberant sing-along of “Harperman”, suspended Environment Canada scientist Tony Turner’s anti-Conservative protest song. While “Harperman” is a little folksy for my taste, damned if it wasn’t charming to watch happy people sing it. Besides, the song makes valid points. Stephen Harper does squash … Continue reading “What’s A Very Catchy Song? Harperman, Harperman”

Molto News Year

There was more than just Rob Ford in 2013. But still: Rob Ford. by Gregory Beatty, Paul Dechene, Lisa Johnson and Rick Pollard Regina, Saskatchewan and Canada were news-packed places in 2013. Here are a few of the stories we cared about. Want more? You can have more! Head to www.prairiedogmag.com to read about labour … Continue reading “Molto News Year”

Establishing Boundaries

Our new federal ridings will build a better democracy by Katherine Norton The federal boundary redistribution saga of 2012-13 was not the efficient exercise in citizen consultation and fact-based public policy that supporters of functioning democracy might have preferred. Nor was it a particularly accessible democratic tool — for hearings that impacted something as significant … Continue reading “Establishing Boundaries”

News Briefs

DEADLINE LOOMING City hall will likely have to respond to another petition soon. No surprise: council’s plan to go with a 30-year, public-private partnership (P3) for the construction and operation of their new waste water treatment plant has more than a few people angry. So says Jim Holmes, spokesperson for Regina Water Watch, a local group that’s been … Continue reading “News Briefs”

Parliamentary Committee Signs Off On Revised Electoral Map

It now seems certain that come the next federal election in 2015 Saskatchewan will have a dramatically redrawn electoral map. The most prominent change will be three dedicated urban ridings for Saskatoon and two urban ridings and one blended urban/rural riding for Regina. That comes after the Parliamentary committee studying objections raised by 12 Saskatchewan … Continue reading “Parliamentary Committee Signs Off On Revised Electoral Map”

New Dog!

I know Regina doesn’t like negativity. Oh, do I know. But even this town’s stare-at-the-sunny-side-until-its-eyes-melt citizenry unites in collective wrath at the snow season that’s only just ended. And why not? The winter of 2012-12 was a frozen, loitering molester that overstayed its welcome by at least six weeks, crushing our dreams of a warm and … Continue reading “New Dog!”

News Brief

LUKIWSKI PLAYS HIDE THE STEEPLE The Conservative Party sure doesn’t want Regina’s Cathedral residents voting in an urban-only riding in the next federal election. Last year, the electoral boundary commission proposed a new federal riding map for Saskatchewan that would replace the province’s current “hub and spoke” arrangement. Regina and Saskatchewan would be split up … Continue reading “News Brief”