David Suzuki!

A living Canadian legend dropped by Prairie Dog’s office this afternoon! David Suzuki is in town for the Blue Dot Tour, which goes tonight at seven at the Conexus Arts Centre. You can and should buy tickets here. Musical guests include Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor and Royal Wood. It will be tons of fun. I … Continue reading “David Suzuki!”

If I Could Only Find A David Suzuki/Elizabeth May Double Facepalm

Nobody has any business mocking those suffering from mental health issues such as bipolar depression. But if your best known political act is running semi-naked through Regina City Hall and screaming for Mayor Fiacco, I think there are a few issues in your life to resolve before you undertake the next stage of your political … Continue reading “If I Could Only Find A David Suzuki/Elizabeth May Double Facepalm”

Sunday Bummer: Suzuki Resigns Because PM J.R. Ewing Is Attacking Environmentalists

How did I miss this? Not only did I miss the story Friday morning but I got an e-mail from the Suzuki Foundation on Saturday, and I missed that, too. Boo me. Anyway, David Suzuki has resigned from the board of his charitable foundation. Here’s an excerpt from his resignation letter: I have reached a … Continue reading “Sunday Bummer: Suzuki Resigns Because PM J.R. Ewing Is Attacking Environmentalists”

Shilling For Suzuki: The Sequel

A while back I mentioned the David Suzuki Foundation is hawking deadly T-shirts and other stuff in its gift shoppe. Christmas is coming up, but if you’re not the type to give gifts there’s always selfishness. In fact I ordered myself a shirt the day I wrote that post and today it arrived and it … Continue reading “Shilling For Suzuki: The Sequel”

Crimes Against Humanity

Decades of industry denial and political stalling created this climate crunch Science Matters | by David Suzuki In a 1965 speech to members, American Petroleum Institute president Frank Ikard outlined the findings of a report by then-president Lyndon Johnson’s Science Advisory Committee, based in part on research the institute conducted in the 1950s. “The substance … Continue reading “Crimes Against Humanity”

Dec. 6–19, 2018

Read the print edition | Get Home Safe WIN a Get Home Safe designated drive from First Choice Designated Driver Service and a $50 Caraway Grill gift card. Click here to play! Editorial Another Alt Down Edmonton’s free paper follows Calgary, Montreal and Ottawa weeklies into the grave | by Stephen Whitworth Feature Lessons From The Sesh Controversies, scandals and polarization: a … Continue reading “Dec. 6–19, 2018”

Talking To Neighbours

Tackling climate change requires healing the denial divide Science Matters | by David Suzuki Canadian climate change opinion is polarized, and research shows the divide is widening. The greatest predictor of people’s outlook is political affiliation. This means people’s climate change perceptions are being increasingly driven by divisive political agendas rather than science and concern … Continue reading “Talking To Neighbours”

Nov. 22 – Dec. 5, 2018

Read the print version | Giving Tuesday | Get Home Safe World The Khashoggi Tapes Why did Canada admit it has evidence of a murder? | by Gwynne Dyer Science Matters Talking To Neighbours Tackling climate change requires healing the denial divide | by David Suzuki Music Sask Music Rising Artists and organizations navigate the … Continue reading “Nov. 22 – Dec. 5, 2018”

Good News For Grim Days

Feeling eco-despair? Here’s a butterfly-friendly balm for turbulent times Science Matters | by David Suzuki In these turbulent political times, inspirational stories are more important than ever. Here’s one about how people power is fuelling a surprising comeback. It starts with a quiet disappearance that gradually builds to a historic wave of orange. And it … Continue reading “Good News For Grim Days”

Oct. 25 – Nov. 7, 2018

Read the print edition. Halloween Event Listings! Typo Wiener It’s Back! City Hell Humanity Is Doomed The City of Regina: civilization’s last hope against climate change? | by Paul Dechene Labour Goodbye, Larry The SFL’s long-time president steps down and all the worst people are glad to see him go | by Stephen Whitworth Feature … Continue reading “Oct. 25 – Nov. 7, 2018”

Nature Deficit Disorder

Get outside and save the world! Science Matters | by David Suzuki Renowned biologist Edward O. Wilson says to protect nature, people must regain their innate love for it. That means spending time in nature. The concepts in Wilson’s book Biophilia have gained widespread acceptance since its publication more than 30 years ago. But we still … Continue reading “Nature Deficit Disorder”

Oct. 11–24, 2018

Read the print version. Editorial On Doug And Moe The ugly, ugly reasons behind the Ford/Moe love-in | by Stephen Whitworth Feature Welcome To Cannabis Country It’s been a long, hazy road to legalization. Here’s what you need to know now that we’ve arrived | by Gregory Beatty City Hall As The World Burns Council’s climate plans dither while Planet Earth … Continue reading “Oct. 11–24, 2018”

Caught In The Storm

Politicians: stop censoring science and pretending nothing’s wrong Science Matters | by David Suzuki In 2012, North Carolina’s Coastal Resources Commission warned that sea levels there could rise by a metre over the next century. ABC news reported U.S. Geological Survey findings that the sea level between North Carolina and Massachusetts was rising at “three … Continue reading “Caught In The Storm”

Sept. 27 – Oct. 10, 2018

View the print edition. Feature Free The Cities It’s time for Canada to give municipalities the tools they need | by Gregory Beatty World 30 Minutes in Salisbury Russian assassination schemes aren’t what they used to be | by Gwynne Dyer Science Matters Caught In The Storm Politicians: stop censoring science and pretending nothing’s wrong … Continue reading “Sept. 27 – Oct. 10, 2018”

Saved By Whales

The Trans Mountain court decision is good but we’ve still far to go Science Matters | by David Suzuki Saved by the whales! The Federal Appeal Court decision on Aug. 30 to quash the government’s approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project was largely based on the National Energy Board’s failure to consider the … Continue reading “Saved By Whales”

Sept. 13–26, 2018

View the print edition. The Fall Arts Guide! City Hall Anti-Municipal Malice Doug Ford proves cities need to stop taking crap and fight back | by Paul Dechene Opinion My Summer of Hate A friendly reminder that bus bigots, Twitter trolls and other racists suck | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo World Another LGBTQ Evolution India … Continue reading “Sept. 13–26, 2018”

Hot Enough For You?

Climate change deniers say warming stopped. They’re wrong, again Science Matters | by David Suzuki If you follow climate news (and you should), you’ve likely heard of the global warming “hiatus”. In attempts to keep the world hooked on diminishing reserves of polluting fossil fuels, climate science deniers seized on that phenomenon to claim the … Continue reading “Hot Enough For You?”

Aug. 30 – Sep. 12, 2018

View the print edition online The Labour Day Report Give The People A Raise Saskatchewan’s bottom-feeding minimum wage needs a big boost | by Paul Dechene The Labour Day Report Working It Out SFL president Larry Hubich surveys the state of Saskatchewan’s labour force | by Stephen Whitworth World Spilled Prime Ministers The Australian sickness: communicable malady or contained inanity? | … Continue reading “Aug. 30 – Sep. 12, 2018”

The Jevons Paradox

Energy efficiency will help stall climate disruption but we’ll need multiple strategies Science Matters | by David Suzuki In the race against the increasingly widespread and devastating consequences of climate change, solutions tend to focus on products and technologies. Renewable energy, electric vehicles, biofuels, carbon capture and storage and geoengineering get much of the attention, … Continue reading “The Jevons Paradox”