David Suzuki!

A living Canadian legend dropped by Prairie Dog’s office this afternoon! David Suzuki is in town for the Blue Dot Tour, which goes tonight at seven at the Conexus Arts Centre. You can and should buy tickets here. Musical guests include Jim Cuddy, Greg Keelor and Royal Wood. It will be tons of fun. I … Continue reading “David Suzuki!”

If I Could Only Find A David Suzuki/Elizabeth May Double Facepalm

Nobody has any business mocking those suffering from mental health issues such as bipolar depression. But if your best known political act is running semi-naked through Regina City Hall and screaming for Mayor Fiacco, I think there are a few issues in your life to resolve before you undertake the next stage of your political … Continue reading “If I Could Only Find A David Suzuki/Elizabeth May Double Facepalm”

Sunday Bummer: Suzuki Resigns Because PM J.R. Ewing Is Attacking Environmentalists

How did I miss this? Not only did I miss the story Friday morning but I got an e-mail from the Suzuki Foundation on Saturday, and I missed that, too. Boo me. Anyway, David Suzuki has resigned from the board of his charitable foundation. Here’s an excerpt from his resignation letter: I have reached a … Continue reading “Sunday Bummer: Suzuki Resigns Because PM J.R. Ewing Is Attacking Environmentalists”

Shilling For Suzuki: The Sequel

A while back I mentioned the David Suzuki Foundation is hawking deadly T-shirts and other stuff in its gift shoppe. Christmas is coming up, but if you’re not the type to give gifts there’s always selfishness. In fact I ordered myself a shirt the day I wrote that post and today it arrived and it … Continue reading “Shilling For Suzuki: The Sequel”

Ignoring Science

We can’t keep our eyes closed to the reality of climate change Science Matters | by David Suzuki Contrary to a common perception, ignoring climate change won’t make it disappear. Global research going back to 1824 in fields ranging through physics, oceanography, biology and geology have confirmed that human activity — mainly burning fossil fuels, … Continue reading “Ignoring Science”

March 15–28, 2018

Editorial Taunting Moe The NDP’s Ryan Meili pokes a big bear with a little stick | by Stephen Whitworth City Hall Where’s My T-Shirt? Another column about budgets and Capital Pointe? #Sorrynotsorry | by Paul Dechene World Trump And Kim Two narcissists walk into a room. You’d think one would’ve ducked | by Gwynne Dyer … Continue reading “March 15–28, 2018”

Eating Bugs

Insects are a high-protein super-food that could save the planet Science Matters | by David Suzuki People sometimes get bugged by insects, but we need them. They play essential roles in pollination, combating unwanted agricultural pests, recycling organic matter, feeding fish, birds and bats, and much more. They’re the most numerous and diverse animals on … Continue reading “Eating Bugs”

Mar. 1–14, 2018

City Hall Not On My Sidewalks Reginans rise up against the nanny-state’s Stalinist shovels | by Paul Dechene Feature Trolling The Trolls Why should Nazis, creeps and misogynists have all the fun? | by Suzy Q Funk World Xi Forever Its president just gave himself a job for life. Too bad for China | by … Continue reading “Mar. 1–14, 2018”

All Those Moments

For 25 years I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe 25 Feature | by Gregory Beatty I’ve been freelancing for Prairie Dog since the late ’90s as a general-purpose writer with a special focus on the arts — particularly the visual arts. In that time I’ve covered an esoteric mix of topics. Here’s a reflection … Continue reading “All Those Moments”


Southern resident killer whales , and other wildlife, need help Science Matters | by David Suzuki Canada is losing a lot of its wildlife. The World Wildlife Fund’s 2017 Living Planet Report Canada found half the monitored mammal, bird, reptile, amphibian and fish species declined from 1970 to 2014. Threatened and endangered species continue to … Continue reading “Orcamergency”

Feb. 15–28, 2018

Editorial When Justice Fails They found a way to put Colten Boushie on trial for his own death | by Stephen Whitworth City Hall A Dog At The Hall I’m stoked for Prairie Dog’s anniversary. Then again, I think property taxes are interesting. | by Paul Dechene World A Big No-Brainer Trump is wrong again: … Continue reading “Feb. 15–28, 2018”

The Suits Have Spoken

Mainstream economic thinkers back carbon pricing. We should too Science Matters | by David Suzuki Angel Gurria sounds more like the leader of an environmental or social justice group. In his recent University of Toronto lecture Climate Action: Time for Implementation, Gurria stressed that climate change is a public health issue “disproportionately affecting the most … Continue reading “The Suits Have Spoken”

Feb. 1–14, 2018

Bonus Column Rampage of Coffee Row: Ranting and Raven Province Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe The Sask. Party picks a leader on the right side of the spectrum | by Gregory Beatty City Suspicion And Mistrust Filmmakers fear shenanigans as the RPL ponders staffing changes | by Paul Dechene World Double Dyer Terminal suffering can be stopped, plus trouble brews in … Continue reading “Feb. 1–14, 2018”

Jan. 18–31, 2018

Editorial Cuts Both Ways Anti-abortion Conservatives have hilariously short memories | by Stephen Whitworth Feature A Brad Legacy The tale of one record-breaking leader’s decade in office has a sad ending | by Stephen Whitworth Top 6 Abdications And Such | by Chris Scott World “Shithole Countries” Trump proves he doesn’t understand immigration (or his own racism) | by Gwynne Dyer Science … Continue reading “Jan. 18–31, 2018”

Taking Responsibility

Don’t blame God or nature for human-caused ecological disasters Science Matters | by David Suzuki Traditionally, we’ve labelled events over which we have no influence or control “acts of God” or “natural disasters.” But what’s “natural” about climate-induced disasters today? Scientists call the interval since the Industrial Revolution the “Anthropocene”, a period when our species … Continue reading “Taking Responsibility”

Jan. 4–17, 2018

Top 6 Year Of The Dog | by  Chris Scott Province The Lamest Loophole Social conservatives flirt with the Notwithstanding clause, again | by Gregory Beatty World Reef Madness Geo-engineering is the only hope left for our planet’s dying coral | by Gwynne Dyer Science Matters Taking Responsibility Don’t blame God or nature for human-caused ecological disasters | by David Suzuki Art Weird … Continue reading “Jan. 4–17, 2018”

Shine A Light

A message of hope and renewal in time of darkness Science Matters | by David Suzuki Before Leonard Cohen died on Nov. 7, 2016, he offered a moving, prophetic warning in his final album’s title song: “You want it darker / We kill the flame.” With the Northern hemisphere’s longest night of the year upon … Continue reading “Shine A Light”