Sayanora, Snakes


Today’s the last day for the Royal Saskatchewan Museum’s popular Snakes Alive exhibit, featuring all nine native Saskatchewan snake species. It’s excellent, so if you haven’t been yet… the museum opens at 9:30. Better hustle! There’s a stage show at 2:30 that will teach you things. I caught it Sunday and it was interesting and educational. That said, the highlight is the reptiles, who were very frisky yesterday. Maybe they know they’ll be released into the wild in the next few days?

Here are some photos:

Prairie Rattlesnake thinks it’s so cool. It is.
The tiny smooth green snake is very very very green.
The eastern yellow-bellied racer is Saskatchewan’s most bitey snake.
My 20-year-old pet corn snake Rusty is not in the exhibit but he’s very cute and people love him, so there.
Bye snakes. You are awesome.

Sunday Matinee: Smokey And The Bandit

It feels like there’s always movies celebrating anniversaries. Sometimes though it’s a little shocking to hear how old some of these movies are. For example stuntman turned director Hal Needham’s first movie from 1977 Smokey and the Bandit.

The movie is kind of dumb but it kicked off a car chase craze throughout the 1980s. The simple easy going plot has Burt Reynolds (The Bandit) driving a 1977 Trans Am really fast to get cops to chase him instead of his buddy Jerry Reed whose semi is illegally hauling booze over state lines.

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DA: Rest In Peace, Chris Cornell

Daily AggregationGood afternoon, Regina. Ready for the weekend? Me too. Ready to work on Best Of Food anyway. WHEEE. At around 4:15 it’s a lovely 18C, sunny and mildly breezy. Tomorrow sounds great. Sunset tonight is 8:45, sunrise was at 5:04 and today’s total daylight is 15 hours, 40 minutes. Have a few links; one of ’em has a UFO!

1. LIBERAL CARBON TAX INFURIATES PETRO-GROUPIE POLITICIAN Oh COME ON. Climate change is real, action needs to be taken, the Liberals have a plan but Brad Wall hates it? It’s hilarious that an alleged fan of business and markets rejects the market-based response to climate change. Also, in case you’re wondering, the Saskatchewan Environmental Society supports the plan.

2. MEANWHILE GLOBAL WARMING FLOODED HUMANITY’S EMERGENCY SEED RESERVES (BUT THEY’RE OKAY FOR NOW) Kind of makes you think we’re at the point where climate change denial is a literal crime against humanity. I mean, the fucking seed reserves. You’d have to be cracked to think that’s not terrifying.

3. TRANSIT UNION SUES TO SAVE STC Is shutting down a Crown privatization? Government says no. Union says yes. Courts will decide.

4. NO SUPPER FOR YOU One in four Nunavut residents doesn’t get enough food and the situation needs national attention, say far-left hippies at the Conference Board Of Canada. “Canada doesn’t think as a country strategically around food. We don’t have a national food policy. We don’t have a national food strategy,” the report’s co-author told CBC. Well I for one support my tax dollars being invested in a public solution.

5. TRUMP SUCKS AT GAMES Good read here on why the President is terrible at getting things done. Politics might be poker but governing is chess.

6. CANADA’S BEST UFO INCIDENT TURNS 50 Read all about it.

7. CHRIS CORNELL OBITUARIES In The Guardian (plus this column on 10 essential songs), The New York Times, Rolling Stone and a bunch of write-ups in The Stranger, Seattle’s alternative newspaper. I’m not a grunge guy so let’s keep this simple: here’s maybe Soundgarden’s best-known hit, “Black Hole Sun”.

DA: Fillet Of Father

Daily AggregationHI THERE. What’s new? Seriously, what’s new? Let me know in the comments. Hey, it’s only 8°C and the high’s just gonna be 12. I hear there’s a chance of frost tonight. Sunrise today was at 5:07 and sunset is at 8:42 for 15 hours and 35 minutes of cloud-filtered daylight. Have some new links!

1. KEEP ON TRUMPIN’ The most awesomely incompetent U.S. president of anyone living’s lifetime is probably making a lot of money for the Washington Post these days. What can you say about a dipshit president who warned, then fired, the FBI director investigating his administration’s Russian connections and then leaks an allie’s intelligence to Russia? How about “LOL”? Here’s today’s headline, about Republicans struggling to deal with President Trump’s watergate-level shenanigans.

2. STC WORKERS SUE SASK Read all about it.

3. PROVINCE GETS GOING ON CATHOLIC SCHOOL FUNDING DECISION APPEAL Story here. Greg’s working on something on this for this issue, notwithstanding something going wrong (see what I did there?).

4. SENTENCING UPDATE CBC reports on the La Loche and Hannah Leflar sentencing hearings.

5. NEW CONSUMER PROTECTION LAWS? TELL ME MORE The Trudeau government brings in new legislation to prevent a United Airlines-style traveller-pummeling.

6. CHELSEA MANNING IS FREE On the occasion of Chelsea Manning’s release from jail, here’s Glenn Greenwald on the whistle-blower’s cruel abuse by military prison authorities and her blue-sky future.

7. HIGH STAKES FOR BLACK SNAKES Here’s an interesting and depressing conservation story about how attempts to protect beautiful and unique Alabama habitat and wildlife have inspired misinformed landowners to kill snakes and possibly tortoises.

8. McDONALD’S GETS IN TROUBLE FOR AN INOFFENSIVE AD I like this ad. It’s sweet, and all the outrage is frivolous, over-sensitive, classist and just plain lazy McDonald’s-bashing. In short I agree with this writer. Anyway, if we’re talking about offensive ads here’s one worth getting angry about (no, it’s not the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad; that was so LOL hilariously ill-conceived I can’t get mad at it).

DA: The Saint Of Killers Returns

Daily AggregationHappy noon Regina! It’s 17°C en route to an 18 high (update: it’s 19 at 12:20) and it’s just gorgeous out. Sunrise was 5:10 a.m. and sunset is 8:40 for almost 15 and a half hours of glorious daylight. Have some news links.

1. DAY OF THE HACKERS Beware, Internet humans: there have been shenanigans.

2. HARASSMENT IN JUSTICE Saskatchewan’s Justice ministry produces the most harassment complaints of any ministry, though very few are investigated.


4. CALL IN THE CITIZENS Civilian Review and Complaints Commission chair Ian McPhail says RCMP work culture is broken and needs civilian oversight. I think it’s bad news anytime a police force doesn’t have civilian oversight. Just dangerous, and unsafe for the cops working in dysfunctional workplaces.


6. SEGREGATION AND BLOOD PRESSURE African Americans who live in highly segregated U.S. neighbourhoods have higher blood pressure than African Americans who live in more integrated neighbourhoods, a study says. Gonna go out on a limb and guess segregated neighbourhoods correlate with vulnerable communities and their attendant poverty, underfunded schools, inaccessible health care, poor economic opportunities, etc. etc. etc.

7. A PERFECT DINOSAUR DISASTER The asteroid that wiped out Earth’s all-time coolest animals hit the right place at the right time to unleash maximum devastation.

8. PATS ARE OUT An unforgettable year for Regina’s WHL side ends just short of a championship. Can’t win ’em all.

9. RYAN VS. RYAN One of my favourite hockey players is peeved at Anaheim Ducks pest Ryan Kesler. I miss Ryan Johansen being on the Columbus Blue Jackets. The trade for Seth Jones was great for both teams, but still.

PREACHER PROMO The first season had its moments (a violent, bloody and hilarious fight between Jesse, Cassidy the vampire and three unkillable angels was a laugh-out-loud highlight) but it also wandered pointlessly and treated its characters like plot devices rather than, well, coherent characters. So should we watch season two when it starts June 25? I’m undecided, but the trailer is fun.

Sunday Matinee: The Girl With All The Gifts

Happy Mother’s Day. Here’s a zombie movie.

I used to read British writer Mike Carey’s comics all the time. He had a fantastic couple of series. His Lucifer was brilliant as was his short lived Crossing Midnight and The Unwritten. After years in the industry he moved on from comics and became novelist and has been writing novels for the last couple years. One of his more recent novels has been made into a British movie that never saw a North American release.
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REVIEW: Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 C’est Ne Pas Bon

Bon Cop Bad Cop 2

Full disclosure: I recall very little about the first Bon Cop Bad Cop, in theatres ages ago. The only thing I remember for certain is that I didn’t care for it and it’s not worth revisiting.

Didn’t need to. Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 is self-explanatory. It’s also an expensive pile of clutter. I couldn’t stop thinking how many solid indies could have been financed with this unwieldy mess’ budget.

The principle that sustain the Bon Cop Bad Cop franchise is not a terrible one: The cultural differences between Anglo and French-Canadians are less vast than initially thought but allow for solid procedural comedy. The sequel uses the same principle, but transfers it to the relationship between the RCMP and local police, and Canadians and Americans. It’s more broad than you could possibly imagine. Continue reading “REVIEW: Bon Cop Bad Cop 2 C’est Ne Pas Bon”

DA: Late Afternoon Quickie

Daily AggregationIt’s been a little too long so here’s a few news links. Glance at ’em on your phone and make a mental note that you’ll look at them later when you don’t have an after-work pint in front of you. This is a lie: you and I both know you probably won’t get around to it. But that’s all right; this gave me a chance to say “have a good weekend!” at you. Have a good weekend!

1. WEATHER AND SUN STUFF Oh yeah, I’m supposed to write that sunrise was at 5:14 and sunset is still hours away—8:35 p.m. Total daylight is 15 hours, 21 minutes and we’re still more than a month away from the summer solrice! The high today was supposedly 23°C and right now it’s 22 and ludicrously swell outside..

2. THE HEAD OF THE U.S. CENSUS QUITS Read about it here and enjoy the grim analysis here. Speaking of census fights, readers will remember Stephen Harper’s government going after the Canadian census in 2010. The predictable result: a data disaster.* Politicians who attack the collection of data do so because facts get in the way of their agendas. Never forget that.

*Although I am tickled to live in a country that gets excited when politicians restore the mandatory long-form census.

3. FEMINISTS VS. TRANSGENDER RIGHTS, WTF I’m not sure I should even link to this story, but it exists, so… blah. More on the topic here.

4. ELON MUSK’S SASKATCHEWAN BACKGROUND Mark Melynchuk files some interesting stories for the L-P. This is one of them.