Daily Aggregation: Stadiums, Universities And Roger Ebert

daily-aggregation-21. PAUL DECHENE IS AT A STADIUM TECHNICAL BRIEFING RIGHT NOW! Big announcement today, and, wait! Here’s some pictures!

2. GUESS WHO’S LOOKING FOR A JOB? University of Saskatchewan president Ilene Busch-Visniac is out, out, out. This is a huge deal. The Globe And Mail isn’t just covering it, it’s running editorials. This all matters because universities have been under attack by bean-counters since the 1990s, and academics and legitimate experts have been routinely smeared and mocked as “elitists” in this country at least since the day the Harper government took office (could probably trace this back to the Harris government in Ontario). Sensible people are fed up with thinly-veiled attacks on public institutions such as the TransformUS initiative, because it’s blatantly obvious what they’re all about: suppressing criticism. More here, here and here.

3. STICKING UP FOR PRIVACY The Canadian Civil Liberties Organization has launched a lawsuit against telecommunications companies that give citizens’ personal information to government agencies without warrants. Good.

4. AROUND THE WORLD The collapse of the Antarctic ice sheet could devastate global food production, it’s officially a military coup in Thailand, 11 are dead in Ukraine violence, Egypt sends reporters back to court, some old French Nazi fuck wants an Ebola epidemic and that film of Palestinian teens executed by Israeli soldiers? Yep, it’s genuine.

5. THERE’S A ZILLION REAL PROBLEMS, BUT LET’S IGNORE ‘EM AND RESTRICT ABORTION The Southern United States needs massive psychiatric help, or something.

VIDEO: THERE’S A DOCUMENTARY ON ROGER EBERT Dammit, I really, really miss him.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees.

7 thoughts on “Daily Aggregation: Stadiums, Universities And Roger Ebert”

  1. (1) Looks interesting.
    (2) She couldn’t possibly have stayed on as President; the relationships with the university and wider community are irretrievably broken. Gordon Barnhart is a good interim choice, but what will happen with TransformUS now is anyone’s guess.
    (3) Good on ’em.

    Looking forward to the documentary on Roger Ebert, whose classic review of “My Man Godfrey” you should really look up.

    I liked the line, in the trailer,”He could dish it out, but he could take it, too”. Food for thought.

  2. (2) I strongly encourage people to read the letters to the Star Phoenix from the first “here” link. There are some gems in there, especially the letter by Glen Beck. Some — including the Globe and Mail editorialists — suggest that while Dr. Buckingham’s outright dismissal was a step too far, the University was essentially correct in stating that his public opinions were incompatible with his administrative role. Dr. Beck’s letter provides additional information that — to me at least — firmly rebuts that position.

    Regarding Ebert, I was very impressed with his behaviour during the whole “Video games can never be Art” debacle. He provided an excellent example of how to be wrong about something with honesty and grace.

  3. Here’s a link to the Ebert review Barb recommends. She’s right. It’s brilliant. everyone should read it, and maybe even see the movie.

  4. What in the world was the “banned for campus from life” thing about? It’s like these directives were coming out of an insane asylum for the terminally childish.

  5. 2 – As a Saskatoon resident, I’m ashamed of this and a big face palm. The brief firing of Dr. Robert Buckingham went way overboard. Very poorly handled by those involved. I hope new interim president Gordon Barnhart will repair some of the damage. He is well liked and respected.

    Yeah, I miss Roger Ebert too.

  6. Hey Team, you can stop linking to leader post articles, since they went pay to play I can’t read any of the articles you link to, and 10 free articles in 30 days doesn’t cut the mustard.

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