David Rakoff, R.I.P.

Really great writer, humorist and essayist David Rakoff has died.  (NYTimes) And this from This American Life.

Author: Carle Steel

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One thought on “David Rakoff, R.I.P.”

  1. I was so sorry to hear about his passing. He was nowhere near done with this life. I was listening to a podcast last week with him and Jonathan Goldstein in which they each read a correspondence that they’d written in the voices of characters from (respectively) Dr Seuss and Franz Kafka. You can listen to it here:


    One of my personal favourites was an essay from ‘Don’t Get Too Comfortable’ in which he chronicled taking the last Concorde flight from London to New York – then catching a connecting flight to North Carolina on Hooters Air.

    Apparently he had a novel (his first) coming out next year which was to be written entirely in rhyming verse.

    I miss him already.

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