Four In The Afternoon: Grumpy McWhitworth Extra-Surly Edition

4 in the Afternoon1 RED-HOT PUBLIC MEETING ACTION Here’s CJME’s story on last night’s feisty public meeting on Regina rooming house regulations. Dechene says it was a highly entertaining meeting which I take to mean that it was packed with nattering idiots.Anyway I suspect he’ll have something on it on the blog later today, tonight or tomorrow. And if he doesn’t, that’s okay. Don’t you fucking judge my friend Paul!

2 SPRAWL AS FUCK Saskatoon’s growth plans involve massively expanding its city limits. Hhhhh. I think that city should instead explore bulldozing bedroom communities. They drain municipal resources by being inefficiently far-flung, and the people who live in them are a bunch of selfish city-hating poo-heads. Bedroom communities suck ass. Density rules, dumb cities drool!

3 AN ANGRY, WEAK, COWARDLY AND EVIL LITTLE MAN COULDN’T STOP HER A University of British Columbia student who was blinded by her misogynistic and entitled piece of shit  husband to has completed her master’s degree in an unknown topic and will now go on to law school and probably change the world. Good for her and fuck that creature she was married to and the culture that produced him.

4 COMING HOME Exiled and incarcerated marijuana legalization advocate Marc Emery is finally getting transferred from a U.S. prison to Canada.I’m not sure that Mr. Emery is a shining example of selfless commitment to a better world but Jeebus Christmas, going to jail in the United States for selling seeds to grow a plant that has no goddamn business being illegal is a staggering travesty. Idiot politicians with their dopey,  non-fact-based, senile prohibition-era ideas suck and they’re dumb and I hate them. It’s time to write regulations for what should be a legal industry. Set our ganja free!

I’M CRANKY THIS AFTERNOON Maybe you noticed? Well, I’m hungry and I have too much to dooo and I don’t wanna. I need an attitude adjustment. Maybe this will fix me up:

Ahhhhh. Better!

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees.

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  1. “Sharknado” was tolerable up to the point where, while a tide of seawater and blood washed into the first floor of a character’s house, one other character perched on the stairs to the second floor said “Looks like that time of the month.” I mean, really, people.

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