Lakeshore Mall Redevelopment Proposal

Lakeshore RedevelopmentAbove is a shot of the proposed redevelopment of a property in south-central Regina where the old Lakeshore Sobey’s grocery store was located. Harvard Developments is in charge of the project, and the proposal calls for two nine-story mixed-use towers, a two-story grocery store and a separate single story commercial building.

There’s an open house for the project June 10 at the former Sobey’s store (1380 23rd Ave.) from 4 to 8 p.m. The city is also accepting on-line comments until June 17. You can find more information on the project on the city’s website, but it seems to be a pretty upscale development. There’s around 80 residential units in the two mixed-use buildings, I believe, and the smallest are around 1200 sq. ft. There’s also two ninth floor penthouses that are in the 4000 sq. ft. range and would afford attractive views of Wascana Centre and the University of Regina.

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Author: Gregory Beatty

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5 thoughts on “Lakeshore Mall Redevelopment Proposal”

  1. Looks like a great development for S.E. Regina. Love the way this city and province is booming the last few years. Long time ago, my Albertan cousins would tease me about living in a backward, hillbilly province, BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!

  2. This is pretty decent development, but it in no way suggests that Regina, Hillsdale, or Saskatchewan are booming or that anyone has anymore money than they had 10 years ago, or that Alberta is not full of hillbillies, or that we’re not booming because oil is really valuable right now, or that we’re not still full of hillbillies.This development doesn;t mean any of those things,

    Big deal: Lakeshore Mall is 40 years old – the contamination left by the Shell station has probably settled now – and is in obvious need of redevelopment; and unlike, say, the strip mall at 5060 4th Avenue in Rosemont, Lakeshore is in a high profile, profitable oh, let’s say, “corridor” (to sound trendy). Why doesn’t some hot shot take his booming NewSaskdollars and do something about that dump on 4th?

  3. indy500 – I kind of feel for you, impressionable bro. You sound like you’re surrounded by very strong-willed, influential family members. Your grandpa, who is not a scientist, dictates your views on climate change while your cousins seem to dictate what you think makes a province good and not “backward”.

  4. Not sure if “indy500” is who I think he/she is, but if the name refers to his/her love for cars, it sounds like Mr. Nathan Clifton, a known paid troll that goes under many aliases on Facebook and Twitter (and the “Novak Uncovered” blog), and is only here to support anything that Harvard Development proposes. They could propose a thousand story high-rise with single apartments all the way through, and he’d be gung ho!

    This is a development many years, if not decades, in the making. It’s truly unfortunate that Harvard Developments be given the green light on this, but again, not surprising. This is yet another example of how the developers run our City. Look at the ENTIRE Regina bypass, for example. Each major intersection just happens to be adjacent to a Forster Projects Development or proposed development. Mr. Blair Forster, of Harvard Developments Inc., just happens to be the mastermind behind that.

    This City is run by developers, bought and sold like chattel, and here we are following along like sheeple. It is such a shame that there isn’t “some” reputable media outlet that wants to blow this thing wide open. *AHEM*

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