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If you didn’t go see it, you are now out of luck — Dunkirk has left the Kramer IMAX theatre. Since most of Dunkirk was shot with IMAX cameras, the Saskatchewan Science Centre’s screen was the best way to see it — there’s just no comparison between the massive screen and, say, your puny home theatre. But there will be other super-sized movies to see; very likely another Star Wars movie this winter. For now, the Science Centre is closed from Sept. 11 to the 28 for cleaning and repair, so no movies for a bit. Regularly scheduled documentaries will resume after. /Shane Hnetka


Friday 15

ALL I SEE IS YOU Marc Forster takes a break from directing bad zombie movies (World War Z) for this bad “looking” drama about a blind woman (Blake Lively) who can suddenly see and then discovers that her life with her husband isn’t what she thought. “Looks” pretty mediocre to me.  I’d say “seeing is believing”, but I don’t think it’s worth the risk to your eyes.

AMERICAN ASSASSIN Dylan O’Brien is an American who becomes an assassin after terrorists kill his girlfriend. He trains with CIA agent Michael Keaton to fight Keaton’s evil protégé. Standard-issue looking action movie.

MOTHER! Darren Aronofsky returns with this movie about a married couple, played by Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, whose lives are disrupted. I don’t know what the movie is actually about but I’ve heard that things happen that make critics freak out. If you know, don’t tell me — I want to see this movie for myself, spoiler-free.

Friday 22

FRIEND REQUEST A low-budget horror movie about a young girl getting revenge against a pretty girl who unfriends her on Facebook. Sort of a horror version of Ingrid goes West.

KINGSMAN: THE GOLDen CIRCLE A sequel to the surprise hit Kingsman: The Secret Service, which in turn was based on Mark Millar’s comic book The Secret Service. Director Matthew Vaughn has made a career out of comic book movies, but unless Vaughn signs up for a Netflix project, this could be his last Millar adaptation as Millar sold all his remaining comic book rights to the streaming service.

THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE Well, I guess it’s time for another animated Lego flick. After the success of The Lego Movie, Warner Bros. has bombarded theatres with films about the adventures of plastic building blocks. This year we’ve had The Lego Batman Movie, which was pretty damn good. Ninjago is based on a ninja-themed Lego property. The early trailers look pretty funny so this might be okay. Or it could be crap — it’s hard to believe Lego-everything won’t wear thin sooner or later.

RPL Film Theatre

Thursday 14

7:00 NORTHANGER ABBEY If you didn’t already know that Regina’s having a Jane Austen festival, then RPL’s September line-up might have provided a clue. This 2007 adaptation stars Felicity Jones as Catherine Morland, a woman who finds love while staying at Northanger Abbey.

9:00 PRIDE & PREJUDICE Jane Austen’s most famous book is adapted with Keira Knightly starring as Elizabeth Bennet, a woman who eventually finds love as per most of Austen’s works. No zombies here. Yet.

Friday 15

7:00  EMMA Gwyneth Paltrow stars as Emma, a matchmaker for everyone else who eventually finds love herself in this comedy based on Austen’s novel.

9:00 MANSFIELD PARK This adaptation takes several liberties with Austen’s story, changing characters and events. Is love still found? Well, you’ll have to see it to find out.

Saturday 16

7:00 CLUELESS This modern retelling of Emma makes the character a teenage valley girl who inflicts her matchmaking proclivities on her friends.

9:00 PRIDE & PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES A film adaptation of the parody novel based on Austen’s work, complete with zombies and badass zombie fighters. Not as good as it sounds, sadly.

Sunday 17

2:30 PERSUASION Another Austen adaptation, this time about a woman trying to rekindle her romance with a man after it was broken up by others. Stinkin’ others!

9:00 SENSE & SENSIBILITY This award-winning adaptation follows a family looking for love.

Wednesday 20

7:00 IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE Very stylish 2001 drama from director Kar Wai Wong about two people whose spouses are having an affair. They fall in love but keep their relationship platonic because they don’t wanna be cheatin’ turds like their own rotten partners.

Thursday 21

7:00 QUEER CITY CINEMA Queer City Cinema is back, featuring all sorts of screenings, documentaries, short films and more. Want to learn more? Head on over to and knowledge aplenty shall be yours!

Friday 22


Saturday 23


Sunday 24

2:30 TITICUT FOLLIES A documentary about the lives of inmates/patients in an institute for the criminally insane. This 1967 doc was pretty controversial when it was originally released.

7:00 WARRENDALE Another documentary with a similar institutional investigation. This Canadian effort, also released in 1967, looks at the lives of emotionally disturbed children receiving experimental treatments.

Tuesday 26

7:00 TALKIES: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE It’s already the end of the month (this always comes up way, way too quickly) and that means it’s time for another Talkies, where your best friend and mine, Jayden Pfeifer, skewers a really crappy movie. September’s disaster is the 1987 He-Man flick. If you thought the toys were stupid and the cartoons were crap, well, wait till you see this nonsense in live action.

Wednesday 27

7:00 FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE The story of two people who meet while working in the Peking Opera and stay friends for over 50 years. A classic of Chinese cinema from 1991.

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