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The summer blockbuster season just suffered its first casualty: Guy Ritchie’s wacky take on the King Arthur legend, which bombed spectacularly at the box office. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword opened to bad reviews on Mother’s Day weekend and audiences avoided it with a purpose. The movie had a troubled production — it was delayed several times in pre-production and at one point went through a total tonal change from serious epic to what it ended up as — a Guy Ritchie movie that’s very Guy Richie-y. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was intended to kick off its own cinematic universe, but that’s not going to happen now. Just as well, probably. Ritchie’s next project, by the way, is a live-action Aladdin movie for Disney. Five bucks says he loads it up with giant CG elephants for no reason. /Shane Hnetka


Friday 26

BAYWATCH Well there seems to be a water theme in this week’s new releases. First off the dock is this movie remake of the lame 1990s TV show that starred Zardu Hasselfrau and a bunch of playboy bunnies in swimsuits. This new version is an action/comedy with The Rock, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach running around in slow motion while fighting evil Priyanka Chopra. From the looks of the trailer, you’ll be getting exactly what you’d expect from the director of Horrible Bosses.

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES Johnny Depp is back as Jack Sparrow for a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. This time out, he’s fighting evil ghost Javier Bardem, who is pissed at Jack for killing him. Fair enough. Undead shenanigans ensue. Also, Orlando Bloom returns with tentacles on his face!  Also, zombie sharks! Also: brutal, brutal reviews.

Friday 2

CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS: THE FIRST EPIC MOVIE DreamWorks adapts the popular kid’s book series Captain Underpants into an animated movie. After two pranksters hypnotize their principle into believing he’s a superhero, they must stop him from getting into trouble. Looks different than the usual DreamWorks animated fare.

WONDER WOMAN DC Comics and Warner Bros are still trying to get their cinematic universe up and running. They’re hoping that the fourth time is a charm. Early reports are promising. After Captain Kirk washes up on the hidden island Themyscira during the First World War, Diana, princess of the Amazons chooses to leave her home to help him fight bad guys. This movie has something different going for it than the other DC movies: bright colours and sunshine. It also has Patty Jenkins directing, instead of Superman-hater Zack Snyder. Here’s hoping it’s a wonder.

RPL Film Theatre

Thursday 25

7:00 I CALLED HIM MORGAN A documentary about the life of jazz musician Lee Morgan, who was tragically shot down by his wife while performing at a night club in the 1970s.

9:00 NORMAN Richard Gere is a swindler who networks himself into several people’s lives, including that of a cabinet minister who eventually becomes the Israeli prime minister. But will Gere’s deals lead to his downfall?

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Monday 29

7:00 100 SHORT STORIES Nova Scotia filmmaker Neal Livingston is on hand to screen his latest documentary about the fight to get an Atlantic renewable energy project off the ground. Sounds pretty good.

Tuesday 30

7:00 COCKTAIL This month’s Talkies features one of Tom Cruise’s worst movies: a cheesy melodrama about a pretty boy mixing drinks and falling in love. On the one hand ugh, but on the other hand, an inspired choice by host and chief lampoonist Jayden Pfeiffer. Donations go to the Regina Food Bank.

Wednesday 31

7:00 SMASHED Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul are a happy drunk couple until one of them decides it’s time to sober up.

Thursday 1

7:00 IPUF It’s the 3rd International Puppet Underground Festival, and this is a special screening of several short films made with puppets. Learn how to puppet! Also, see puppets! Plus: puppets!!!

Friday 2

7:00 MAUDIE This Irish/Canadian movie stars Sally Hawkins in an award-worthy performance as real-life Nova Scotia artist Maud Lewis. Lewis, who suffers from crippling arthritis, becomes a professional painter after she takes a housekeeping job for a surly, violent but ultimately big-hearted Ethan Hawke. It’s a low-key sweetheart of a movie, I’m told.

9:00 THE WEDDING PLAN This Israeli movie follows a Jewish woman determined to get married despite the fact her fiancée left her. She refuses to cancel the wedding, thinking God will provide a husband. Well God, you’ve got 30 days. Get to it!

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Wednesday 7

7:00 BE KIND REWIND Jack Black and Yasiin Bey star as two inept video rental clerks who, after erasing all their store’s tapes, reshoot all the movies — with no money, and starring themselves.

Kramer IMAX

A BEAUTIFUL PLANET This documentary shot from the International Space Station delivers an awesome view of a little place I like to call Planet Earth. Perhaps you’ve heard of it?

DREAM BIG: ENGINEERING OUR WORLD This doc is part of a program trying to get kids interested in engineering. The plan is to show kids how awesome engineering is, and then the fools will be hooked. Devious!

EXTREME WEATHER Ready for some dangerous, life-threatening weather? No? You coward. Maybe instead you should just watch this documentary about the world’s worst weather from the safety of the IMAX theatre. Just don’t complain to me about your life being dull.