News Flash: City Has A Point

Litter ICBC had a report today about an expression of concern from the City of Regina about the cost of doing clean-up on all the litter that’s laying around. I’m willing to cut us a bit of slack because of all the wind we have. Sometimes that blows stuff around pretty good. But there’s more to it than that.

When I was out for a walk in Victoria Park tonight I came across five or six scenes like those pictured above and after the jump (including a beer bottle laying in the grass by one pathway). So I don’t know, I mean, surely we can do better than this.

Litter II

Author: Gregory Beatty

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9 thoughts on “News Flash: City Has A Point”

  1. Take the “namless” 8- 17 criminal offenders from Dojack, & make them learn sumpthin.
    A clean city , is a better city.

  2. ” nameless” 10 yr old killers w/ a 6 yr old victim / 17 yr old truck thief , (involuntary manslaughter x2 ) / etc. FUCK

    Somebody’s, ( many ), children need a psycholocical Kick in The

    The debate is, who is going to have the crotch to ;actually say to u-18 criminals; guess what you’re spending real time?

    Yup, Barb , WTF do you do with a murderer, who is 10?

    Give the parents of the dead child. .. “confidence the courts did the right thing” ?

  3. That’s a good question, Ron. It looks as though everyone who came into contact with the 10-year-old (if that’s the case you refer to) failed him and, as a result, failed the 6-year-old. there is no magic solution: this is a multi-pronged problem.

    As to litter, we can do far better. The fast-food vendors need to be more on side than they are. How about taking photos of litter, prominently featuring the company logo, and sending them to the HQ with the question “Is this the kind of product placement you condone?” and see what the response is? And/or, for every drink can/bottle you pick up, post on social media a call to boycott that drink.

  4. Further to litter, didn’t the Downtown Business Association used to fund a squad of people who wore jumpsuits and patrolled downtown with garbage grabbers and plastic bags? Are they still operational, or have they just not started yet?

  5. People who leave their garbage from whence they sat are obviously profoundly ignorant. However, the surroundings in these two pics above are immaculate.

  6. Ultimately, litter is a free speech issue and I’m shocked that the city would aid and abet such totalitarian tactics, and especially shocked that prairie dog and its readers would cheerlead such stifling of free expression.
    If the city is going to provide space for fast food restaurants to create and distribute junk food, must it not, under any clear-headed reading of the Charter, provide equal space for consumers of fast food products to make comment (vis-a-vis littering) on the quality and/or authenticity of such phenomena?
    I’m reminded of certain 20th century regimes who also employed uniformed agents to “clean up the trash”.
    No litter, no liberty.

  7. True, Talbot: people are failing to take personal responsibility, and are making unnecessary work for others such as the Parks employees. Takeaway food places, however, create the opportunity for litter, with their disposable containers; they could almost be considered enablers. From time to time, it’s been proposed that fast-food businesses be subject to a litter tax, but that’s never gone anywhere. Those businesses need to go beyond providing trash/recyclable receptacles, and that too would be taking personal responsibility.

  8. If the city installed more garbage cans it would cut down on litter. On the south side of Vic there are 0 public trash cans between Albert and broad.

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