PSOTW: Francois Sagat

While I’m sure flicks by previous profilees in Dog Blog’s Porn Star of the Week have been viewed in private innumerable times in Regina, Francois Sagat (pictured at left) can go them one better.

In November 2010, his XXX homo-erotic horror flick L. A. Zombie received a public screening in Regina at Artesian on 13th. It was directed by Canadian queer icon Bruce LaBruce, and the screening coincided with a visit LaBruce made to Regina to participate in a celebration of French director Jean-Luc Godard’s 80th birthday. L.A. Zombie isn’t for the squeamish, but if you wish you can view the trailer here.

As for Sagat, he was born in France in 1979 of Slovak ancestry. After a stint as a fashion model, he was recruited by a French porn studio to star in queer adult films. Building on his success in Europe, Sagat moved to the United States in 2005, signing with Raging Stallion Studios before moving to Titan Media in 2007. As a performer, Sagat is renown for his impressive physique, and a distinctive scalp tattoo which he had done to overcome the problem of thinning hair a few years ago.

Sagat has done some work outside porn — most notably, as a drug addict in Saw VI, and a Manhattan hustler in Christophe Honore’s 2010 film Homme au Bain — but porn remains his bread & butter. Such is his fame that a dildo apparently exists that is molded in the shape of his tumescent penis.

Speaking of dildoes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And a visit to a sex/love/luv shop to pick up a gift for a special someone is an option that some Reginans are perhaps considering. There’s certainly no shortage of products on the market from erotic board games and sexy/kinky lingerie to sex toys and porn of both the hardcore and “couples” variety.

Most Reginans, I imagine, will opt to go the traditional route: dinner at a decent restaurant, a night out at the multi-plex to see a movie, a day at the spa, stuff like that. If you’re stuck, Carrie’s got some Valentine’s gift suggestions in our Feb. 9 issue. I can’t provide you with a link as her top six column is only in the print mag. But check it out if you get a chance. And happy Valentine’s Day.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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  1. I remember watching L.A. Zombie when it came to Regina and thinking “how could gay porn zombie filmmaking be so dull?” I was hoping they would get back to the dude on undead dude action so I could be spared all the THIS IS IMPORTANT ART LOOK AT THE SYMBOLISM snootiness.

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