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A Date With The Night

Created by Lucy Hill, Daniel Maslany and Eric Rose, this multi-media project uses music, movement and video projections to tell the story of an introverted woman who has trouble relating to the outside world. Instead, she prefers the sanctuary of her bedroom.

One night, she’s visited by a mysterious figure that offers her the chance to create a more compatible world for herself via her dreams.

Presented by the Globe Theatre as part of its Shumiatcher Sandbox Series A Date With the Night runs April 16-25. Curtain on April 16 and 22-23 is at 7:30 p.m., while on April 17-18 and 24-25 it’s at 8 p.m. For ticket info visit the Globe website.

If you’re looking for something to do tonight American folk/punk rocker David Hause is playing a free show at O’Hanlon’s Pub. Sharing the bill is Canadian singer-songwriter Kalle Mattson, and I’d expect things to get going around 10 p.m. Here’s the video for Hause’s 2014 song “We Could Be Kings”

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Down The Social Media Rabbit Hole

Chantel hebertA couple of years ago, Toronto Star national affairs columnist Chantel Hebert (pictured) was in town to deliver James Minifie Lecture that the School of Journalism sponsors each year.

On Wednesday April 15, Hebert will be in town to deliver the 2015 Tansley Lecture hosted by the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy. The title of her talk is “Down the Social Media Rabbit Hole”, and here’s a brief synopsis from the University of Regina website:

With the advent of a wired world, what is the impact on the connection between the media, public policy makers and voters? Are we on the cusp of a golden information era or do we just talk a lot more and listen a lot less?

The lecture is being held at the Ramada Hotel as part of a dinner that JSGS hosts each year. Cocktails are at 5 p.m., and tickets are Adults $55 and Students $30. You can find out more information on the university website.

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Weekly Reckoning: Genuinely Extant Edition

Welcome to the first Weekly Reckoning with a 100% Ontological Guarantee. No matter what else may happen, this blog post exists. I think. Therefore it is.weekly-reckoning

1. LET US COMPARE ATROCITIES What happens when adult women bring allegations of sexual assault against a famous CBC radio personality? We know how that goes. How about when 45 Aboriginal youth come forth with stories of sexual abuse at the hands of a prominent Canadian sports figure? That seems to be going differently (hint: no one cares).

2. HEEEERE’S HILARY! Hilary Rodham Clinton for President, y’all! If she ends up running against Jeb Bush, it’ll be like a funhouse nightmare version of the early ’90s, except with resource scarcity and the sobering memory of 9/11 and all that.

3. CHECK YOUR STREET OXY, FOLKS Regina police are warning the public that the baggie of OxyContin pills you bought from some rando in the park may be counterfeit. They are described as having the number “80” stamped on one side and “CDN” on the obverse. Will these fake Oxys give you the amazing high that the real thing provides? Or will you die like a side character from The Wire? Only one way to find out! Which I do not recommend.

4. THE DIFFERENCE It can seem to men that the increased imagery of well-turned male bodies in the media is an indicator that men are becoming the victims of sexual objectification in the same way that women historically have been. Barbara Ellen explains persuasively why this isn’t so.

5. A GAME OF THRONES MOMENT Game of Thrones returns tonight for another lurid, bloody season of trashy entertainment masquerading as televisual art. Here’s a video recap of the most horrible, grotesque deaths from the past four seasons. It’s a sword choppingly, crossbow shootingly, head squishingly good time.

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Sunday Matinee: Tarzan The Ape Man

Tarzan the Ape ManThere have been over 200 movies made featuring Edgar Rice Burroughs’ most popular character, Tarzan.

Tarzan first appeared in print back in 1912 and by the time Burroughs passed away in 1950 he had written 24 novels about the adventures of Tarzan. Tarzan’s first big screen appearance was in 1918 in a series of silent serials. The first time Tarzan swung on a vine was in the lost 1928 silent film Tarzan the Mighty. The first sound Tarzan came in the sequel Tarzan the Tiger in 1929. MGM bought the screen rights and in 1932 released the first of what would eventually become a 28 film franchise series. Having just watched all 28 movies over the next couple Sunday Matinees I plan on highlighting some of the better entries in the series.
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Marco Calliari

Born in Quebec of Italian ancestry, Marco Calliari apparently grew up in a household where opera was king. Then when he was 14, though, he discovered metal. That inspired him and some friends to form a metal band called Anonymus. They enjoyed a 15-year, five album run in Quebec before Calliari decided to go solo.

When he did, he shifted gears musically. On Sunday, April 12 the Regina Folk Festival is presenting him in concert at the Exchange. Doors are at 7:30 p.m., with the concert at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 advance, $20 door, and you can find out more on the RFF website.

To close, here’s video from 2012 of Calliari and his band performing the song “Che La Vita”:

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Vincent van Gogh: A New Way Of Seeing

When it comes to famous artists, Vincent van Gogh is the epitome of the “tragic/romantic” stereotype. Grievously misunderstood in his lifetime, to the point that he reputedly only made one sale, and had to rely on his brother Theo’s generosity to survive, the Dutch artist is now an acknowledged master whose paintings sell for many tens of millions of dollars.

Van Gogh never saw any of that coin, of course. And after a decade of frustration at dealers, collectors and the broader population being unable to appreciate his work, he offed himself in southern France at age 37.

Today, Van Gogh even has a museum named after him in Amsterdam. It opened in 1973, and features a collection of over 200 paintings, 400 drawings and 700 letters. The museum also boasts works by post-impressionist contemporaries of van Gogh such as Paul Gaugin, Georges Seurat, Toulouse-Lautrec and more.

On April 15 at 7:30 p.m. (with an encore on April 26) Galaxy Theatre is screening a documentary on van Gogh and his life which allows you to see works from the collection in exquisite detail. You can find more information on the Cineplex website.

Here’s the trailer for Vincent van Gogh: A New Way of Seeing

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Friendly Reminder

Toilet Paper RunMemo to self: Be sure to bring a roll of toilet paper from home for the office when I come in tomorrow morning.

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The Lazys

Canuck cock-rocker Danko Jones is the headliner at this gig, which goes Friday April 10 at the Exchange. I’ve never been a fan myself, but the back-up band is worth checking out.

They’re called The Lazys, and they’re blues rockers from Australia in the mold of AC/DC, but with more of a garagey sound. The band’s a five-piece, with Leon Harrison (vocals), Mathew Morris (lead guitar), Liam Shearer (guitar), Glenn Williams (bass) and Jay Braslin (drums).

The Lazy’s released their debut EP in 2009. Last fall, their self-titled full-length arrived at the office in advance of their gig with The Headstones at the Agribition Building on Nov. 1, and it became a favourite listen of mine when I was in the mood for some raunch rock.

Tickets are $25. And to set the table for The Lazys here’s the video for their tune “Shake It Like You Mean It”:

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Daily Aggregation: Godzilla!

daily-aggregation-21. The pride of Japan. The towering terror that is Godzilla will no longer be knocking down buildings in Japan as he has found a home on the island nation and is now a tourist “ambassador” for the country. What an inspiration to all giant, terrorizing creatures everywhere.

2. No more ads. If those ads on YouTube annoy you to the point of insanity there is a solution! YouTube has announced a new no-ad platform; you just have to pay for it of course.

3. Canadian morals. The LAPD recruits are being taught a little differently than their predecessors; they are being taught with Canadian values. All in the hope that these new officers can keep their car on the road, and shoot a gun only when absolutely necessary.

4. That’s enough Disney. First it was announced there would be a remake of “Beauty and the Beast”, then “Dumbo” was for some reason added to that list, then “Winnie the Pooh” inexplicably, now Disney has announced they will be doing a live-action version of Pinocchio. We get it, the “Cinderella” remake was as great as the classic but that doesn’t mean every single movie you have made needs to be redone!

5. Right out of a movie. Over Easter weekend thieves tunneled into a London jewelers vault and stole a, reported, $320 million in diamonds. This is too amazing and ridiculous to make up.

6. Good, but still gross. Blind audits in the Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region (RQHR) say that one in four health care professionals have clean hand. Which is good because more have clean hands than in past audits. It still gives me the willies though.

7. No more flying stressed. In Fort McMurray specially trained dogs are being brought in to help try and alleviate stress levels of the passengers. It may take some time for passengers to differentiate between the therapy dogs and the drug dogs though.

8. No more child institutions. Today marks the day when Lumos, a charity for the well being of children the world over, opens its American branch. To mark the occasion the organization’s founder, J.K. Rowling, wrote a beautiful article describing why this organization is needed in the world.

9. No Dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this clip. Jurassic World comes to theatres this summer and now we have a new clip to entice hopeful audiences.


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Terrance Odette

With its Thursday-Sunday film programming, the RPL Film Theatre sometimes has special themes. This weekend is just such an occasion with four films by Canadian filmmaker Terrance Odette on the bill.

Odette is based in Hamilton, and over his 15 plus year career he’s participated in numerous festivals and garnered critical acclaim.

The weekend kicks off tonight with his most recent film Fall (2014). It’s about an aging Catholic priest in the Niagra Falls area who receives a letter accusing him of sexual misconduct related to an incident that may or may not have happened 40 years ago. The screening goes tonight at 7 p.m., and Odette will be in attendance to introduce the film and perhaps take questions afterwards.

Fall is also screening Saturday at 7 p.m., and Friday and Sunday at 9 p.m. Other Odette films screening this weekend include Heater (1999). It’s set in Winnipeg, and focuses on two sketchy characters trying to sell a space heater in the depths of winter.  It’s on Friday at 7 p.m.

Saturday at 9 p.m., Saint Monica (2014) will screen. It’s about a 10-year old Portuguese-Canadian girl living with her mom and an unemployed uncle. Finally, Sunday at 7 p.m. there’s a screening of Sleeping Dogs (2006) about diabetic alcoholic who leaves the hospital to try to rescue his old dog before it gets put down.

Here’s the trailer for Fall

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Spring Fundraiser

GemmaWilcoxThe 2015 Regina International Fringe Festival goes July 8-12. The line-up of local, national and international acts has already been nailed down, and you can find performer info on the RIFF website.

Before all that happens, though, the RIFF is holding a fundraiser to help prepare for the main festival this summer. It will happen on Saturday April 11 at 7:30 p.m. at the Artesian.

Kicking off the evening will be local singer-songwriter Roberta Nichol. After her set, UK theatre artist Gemma Wilcox (pictured) will present a remount of her show “The Honeymoon Period Is Officially Over”. Wilcox was one of the top draws at the 2014 RIFF, and plans on returning to Regina for the 2015 festival.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the “The Honeymoon Period Is Officially Over”

Wilcox embodies 20 characters as she unfolds the journey of Sandra & her world of complex relationships. Transforming seamlessly from male to female, from feline to mysterious fowl, this humorous & poignant tale of love & letting-go is a must see!

Again, the RIFF fundraiser goes Saturday at the Artesian at 7:30 p.m.

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Daily Aggregation: Dinos and Jon Snow

daily-aggregation-21. Dinosaur once again a dinosaur. After roughly 100 years scientists have decided the “thunder lizard”, the Brontosaurus is its own species of dinosaur. Maybe the next big discovery will be Pluto actually is a planet.

2. Chilling children’s show set to return. After 14 years without a “Teletubbies” induced nightmare, the terrifying creatures, whatever they were, will be returning to T.V. The BBC has yet to release an apology to parents everywhere.

3. You got some splainin’ to do. The hometown of Lucille Ball has no love lost on the rather creepy statue of the comedian. That statue looks like a unnatural love child of Lucy and some soul stealing demon.

4. App lets you explore history. An app in development allows you to explore the history of an area. Maybe you can find out if your home was a speakeasy in the 1920’s or something you can use to prattle on to your neighbours about.

5. Man pleads not guilty to road rage. Accused of assaulting a couple with a chainsaw while in an intense fit of road rage, the accused pleads not guilty. Who even keeps a chainsaw ready to go in their car, let alone brandishing it as a weapon?

6. Benefits for having children. Other than having a loving family and all that, you can also get some tax benefits and deductions. Best get working on that family so tax season is a bit better for you.

7. A small fortune for a song. An unknown buyer bought Don McLean’s manuscript for a staggering $1.2 million presumably to find insight on what the song is actually about. Or maybe he or she is just lost in space.

8. Thirty Meter Telescope. Canada is going to pay, or I mean play, a big part in creating the world’s most powerful telescope over the next 10 years. It’s an election year all right, fix the roads, build a telescope, send stuff to space got to spend money and make it sound neat now in case Harper is ousted as Prime Minister.

9. Who not to bring to dinner. The short answer would be Jon Snow from “Game of Thrones’ as Seth Meyers shows in a skit from last night’s episode.



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According to their Facebook page FILMS for ONE to EIGHT PROJECTORS by Roger Beebe is “an evening of carefully crafted and meticulously timed multi-projector experiments that pull from his practice of appropriating educational, industrial and mass-cultural imagery…with topics ranging from Las Vegas suicides to phone book politics. Made and projected in a variety of formats (Video, 16mm, and super-8mm)…” even with that description I am not quite sure what to expect. Koyaanisqatsi on speed? At least, Koyaanisqatsi and all the other Sqatsis had a wordless narrative. I hoping this will to, that despite the constant bombardment of imagery it will make sense and I will walk away profoundly changed from the experience.

This film event will be hosted by RPL film theatre as a programming partnership between The Saskatchewan Filmpool and the U of R film department as part of a monthly series called Independent Visions. The film-maker will be in attendance. Admission by donation. 7 pm.

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J.P. Cormier

If it’s a musical instrument, and it’s got strings either on it or in it, J.P. Cormier can probably play it. Folk, bluegrass and Celtic are the three genres he’s focused on since releasing his first album Return to the Cape in 1995. Last April, Cormier was in the news when he released a song about PTSD in the military called “Hometown Battlefield“.

On Wednesday, April 8 Cormier is in town to play a show presented by Grassroots Regina at the Exchange. No word yet on if there’s a back-up act, but the show should get going at 8 p.m. Tickets are  $20 advance, $25 door. To close, here’s the video Cormier made to accompany “Hometown Battlefield”

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Daily Aggregation: Superheroes, Spies And Stars

daily-aggregation-21. New training centre. U of R athletes rejoice as a new high performance training facility is in the works. Maybe if you are lucky it’ll be built before you graduate!

2. Don’t eat the green ones, or any. Saskatchewan Poison Control has seen an increase in people exposed to detergent in the single use laundry pods.

3. Burial ground plans. Saskatchewan is planning, and hoping, to create a cemetery for the increasing number of Muslims in the province.

4. Looking for stars. Not the celebrities, actual celestial stars, from space! A 71 year old astronomer is trying to save the stars from light pollution. Like Lisa Simpson, only real.

5. Search for secrets. A team of Royal Canadian Navy (ice) divers are planning to take a plunge into icy cold, Arctic waters to find out more about HMS Erebus, which sunk while Sir John Franklin tried to find the Northwest Passage.

6. Save animals, not capture. An anti-animal cruelty group is up in arms as they protest the Greater Vancouver Zoo, saying they should save local animals instead of exhibiting the exotic.

7. Secret-swapping, spy style. Canada’s very own intelligence agency, CSIS,  (how many of you are surprised Canada even has a spy agency?) created a forum to give secrets about terrorist-travel with other agencies. This sounds like it is going to end well, doesn’t it?

8. In other spy news. Apparently being a spy for Canada isn’t hard enough, the food at headquarters is so terrible at least one employee threatens to take it to Amnesty International.

9. Science! That’s why. The CERN Large Hadron Collider has been turned on again after two years of lying dormant. Now the science-ing can once again commence!

10. Super-powered flight. In the latest Fantastic 4 trailer, due out later this summer, shows Sue and Johnny Storm (a.k.a. Invisible Woman and Human Torch) take flight.

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Jeffery Straker

In Best of Regina 2014 last fall, you voted musician Jeffery Straker Best Solo Act. I’m not sure how we define solo act in our rules and regulations, but while Straker does do his own song-writing, and definitely functions as a front man when on stage, he often performs with a backing group that includes guitarist Brodie Mohninger, drummer Steve Leidal, vocalist Jill Straker, violinist Carmelle Pretzlaw and others.

Some, if not all of those musicians will likely be joining Straker when he launches his new album North Star Falling at the Artesian on April 9-10. Doors both nights are at 7 p.m. and tickets are $17.85 advance and $23.10 door.

For a sneak preview of Straker’s launch, here’s the lyric video for the first single off the new album “Like It’s The Last One”


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Sunday Matinee: The Prowler

The ProwlerPolice officer Van Heflin and his partner respond to a call about a prowler. A young married woman (Evelyn Keyes) is alright but alone at night. Heflin returns later to check up on her and finds out that her wealthy husband is a late night radio DJ. Heflin keeps visiting Keyes striking up a friendship.

Heflin then discovers a will that leaves a tidy sum to Keyes in the event of her husband’s death. Heflin then starts romancing Keyes and soon the two are having an affair. Then Heflin comes up with a plan to do away with the husband.
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CineCoup II Underway

patient-62-saskatchewanIn 2013, you’ll perhaps recall, a group of Regina filmmakers got a proposal together and entered a national competition in the hope of winning some serious six-figure financing to bring their project to the big-screen.

Through several months of crowd voting and jury deliberations, the filmmakers succeeded in advancing round to round until finally they were the only ones left standing.

The name of the film they were pitching, of course, was Wolf Cop.

Now, CineCoup is back for another session of cinematic excitement. And Regina has another entry in the race. Like Wolf Cop, Patient 62 is in the SF/Horror genre. Written and produced by Rick Anthony, with partners Bryce Schlamp (director) and Glenn LaPointe (marketing), the story-line for the movie involves a man named Lucas Chase who is trying to track down his estranged sister.

Possibly conceived before Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall did a 180 on the issue of licensed strip clubs, the film’s premise involves the sister working as a stripper. Haunted by nightmares that she may have been abducted, Lucas sets out to find her.

You can find out more about Patient 62 and the other 74 entries in CineCoup 2015 by visiting the CineCoup website.  The first round of voting begins Monday April 6 and runs to Friday April 10. That will see the number of entrants reduced from 75 to 60.

Additional rounds of voting will be held Monday April 20 to Friday April 24 to eliminate 30 more hopefuls, with that number dropping to 15 during a third round of voting from Monday May 4 to Friday May 8.

So good luck to Rick, Bryce and Glenn in their quest to follow in the pawprints of Wolf Cop.

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Marilyn Manson

I would’ve thought this would’ve been a natural fit for a small-arena show at Brandt Centre. But instead it’s at the Agribition Building on Tuesday, April 7.

I’ve never seen a concert there, myself. So I don’t know what it would be like as far as acoustics and sight-lines go. I don’t see it being very conducive to a Goth/Metal vibe, though.

Most everyone’s probably familiar with Marilyn Manson. He released his first album Portrait of an American Family in 1994. In January, he released his 10th album — The Pale Emperor. It’s apparently got a bit of a blues influence, although still packing plenty of hard rock punch.

The show, with back-up act Deap Vally (an American rock duo comprised of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards), goes Tuesday at the Agribition Building. Tickets are $60, and the venue is limited to people 19+. For ticket info visit the Brandt Centre website. To close, here’s a track off The Pale Emperor called “Third Day of a Seven Day Binge”


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Gunmetal Blues

GunMetalBluesStyled as a film noir musical, this mystery with book by Scott Wentworth and music and lyrics by Craig Bohmler and Marion Adler features a detective named Sam Galahad (played by Kevin Aichele).

While investigating a murder he winds up falling for a woman (Cailin Stadnyk) who is on his radar as the prime suspect.

What happens then? Well, you can find out by picking up tickets to this Globe Theatre production which runs on the main stage from April 8-26. Find out more on the Globe’s website.

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