Pick of the Day UPDATED: Not Peter Frampton, Because That Show Is Hella Cancelled

UPDATE: From the press release that no one in our office (i.e. Whitworth!!!) bothered to forward to Greg:

Vancouver, BC ~ Due to an unforeseen personal matter, Paul Mercs Concerts regretfully announces that the Peter Frampton show scheduled for Regina on September 27 at the Conexus Arts Centre has been cancelled.  Tickets can be refunded in person at the Conexus Arts Centre.

Grammy®-winning guitarist and songwriter Peter Frampton remains one of the most celebrated artists and guitarists in rock history.  At 16, he was lead singer and guitarist for British teen band The Herd.  At 18, he co-founded one of the first super groups, seminal rock act Humble Pie.  His fifth solo album, the electrifying Frampton Comes Alive!, is one of the top-selling live records of all time.

For more information on Peter Frampton, please visit www.peterframpton.com.


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If you, like me, have lost touch with Peter Frampton since his heyday in the late ’70s this probably isn’t how you remember him. Back then, he had hair down to his ass as the expression went and was quite the heart-throb.

For a guy in his early 60s he still looks pretty good. And tonight at 7:30 p.m. he’ll be taking the stage at Conexus Arts Centre. ($59-$79). To give you a taste of what to expect, here’s video from 2008 of him performing “Show Me the Way”

That’s not the only show going on tonight. At the Club, Grassroots Regina is presenting Marc Charron in concert with Amanda Rheaume (8 p.m., $12). Here’s video of Charron performing Buffalo Sprinfield’s “For What It’s Worth” at the Peak to Shore Festival in Collingwood in 2010.

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  1. Local radio announced the cancellation yesterday afternoon and LP has it on the front page of today’s Arts & Life.

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