Pick of the Day (Tomorrow Edition): Socalled

During his main stage set at the 2009 Regina Folk Festival this Montreal rapper did a trick where he shredded the cover of prairie dog’s Folk Festival issue than magically reassembled it. Neat, eh?

As for his music, Socalled (a.k.a. Josh Dolgin) draws inspiration from his Jewish heritage, and offers up a catchy blend of hip hop, klezmer and folk music. In May, he released his latest CD Sleepover. Tomorrow night, as part of the RFF Concern Series, he’ll be performing at the Exchange with Katie Moore (doors 8 p.m., $17 adv., $20 door).

To close, here’s Socalled’s special-effects laden video for “You Are Never Alone”. And here’s Moore singing “Heart Like a Wheel” by the McGarrigle sisters

Author: Gregory Beatty

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