Pick of the Day: Wyatt

We’re not big country music fans here at prairie dog. It’s not that we don’t have an appreciation for artists who push the genre boundary a bit. We like the Sadies, for instance, along with other artists/groups like Lucinda Williams (pictured), Neko Case, Carolyn Mark, Deep Dark Woods and Elliott Brood. But when it comes to mainstream country, the cheese definitely outweighs the talent by a considerable margin. We’re also not too sure about some of the politics that are in play in the country music industry and its largely, but not exclusively, rural fan base. Living in a province where 13 of 14 MPs are redneck Conservatives can do that to a person.

Regardless, I went with tonight gig by Wyatt at the Pump Roadhouse as my pick of the day.

Three times the local band has been named Saskatchewan Country Music Group of the Year. Tonight’s gig is a special all-ages show to launch their latest CD If I Had a Dollar ($5 at the door). According to advance press, the CD was recorded in Nashville with producer Noah Gordon. It features 11 songs, including the current top 40 hit “Questions”.

Here’s video of Wyatt performing “Next to You” at the Pump in 2009.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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