PSOTW: Lisa Ann

The profilee in this installment of Porn Star of the Week was born in Pennsylvania in 1972, and is a certified dental assistant. Lisa Ann’s first foray into the adult entertainment industry, in fact, was as a stripper, which she did to put herself through school to obtain her certificate. At age 21 she turned to acting in adult films, but stopped in 1997 because of concern over HIV/AIDS.

Lisa Ann continued to tour as a stripper though, and in 2006 she opened her own adult talent agency. In 2008, she returned to acting with a star turn in the Hustler produced video Whose Nailin’ Palin? — a political-porn satire of Republican V-P candidate Sarah Palin (that’s Lisa Ann in the role at left).

I haven’t seen the video. But it apparently chronicles Palin’s rise to political prominence — first as Governor of Alaska, then as John McCain’s out of the blue running mate in 2008. The film, which was bank-rolled by noted provocateur and activist Larry Flynt, was released on election day: November 4.

The Republican campaign was in free-fall by then, but Palin was still politically popular with the Christian Right and the fringe Republican wing that would later branch off to form the Tea Party after all the shit that went down what with Obama being elected president and the American middle class economy collapsing after years of wanton mis-management by the two-term George W. Bush administration.

With her performance as “Serra Paylin” Lisa Ann did the porn equivalent of what Tina Fey was doing with her SNL parody. Here’s how one synopsis describes the first scene:

The film opens in Serra Paylin’s living room, when two Russian soldiers knock on the door seeking a tow-truck to lend assistance with their smoldering tank. After some small talk, flirting, and a knock-knock joke, a threesome ensues.

Palin wasn’t the only female politician parodied in the film. Two other actresses (Nina Hartley and Jada Fire) played Hillary Clinton and Condoleeza Rice. But Palin was the primary target. So props to Lisa Ann for taking on the role and skewering Palin, who at her peak was a very polarizing figure in the Republican Party.

Speaking of Republicans, March 6 is Super Tuesday. I haven’t been following the primary closely, but know there’s been lots of ups and downs, reflective of the disenchantment Republican supporters have with the slate of candidates before them.

After wins in Arizona and Michigan on Feb. 28, it’s pretty much Mitt Romney’s primary to lose. Not only does he have a 120 to 32 edge in secured delegates over his closest competitor Newt Gingrich, he also boasts a huge war chest that far outstrips anything his rivals can muster.

This Super Tuesday isn’t as “Super” as past Super Tuesdays. In 2008, 24 states held primaries. This year, there’s only ten: Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia. But 437 delegates are up for grabs, which is one-fifth of the Republican total. If Romney scores big on Super Tuesday, he’ll vault far into the lead and be in a position to sew up the nomination. If he doesn’t, though, he’ll have to continue to grind it out, which will further weaken his appeal for Republican and swing voters come November’s ultimate showdown against Obama.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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