Regina Red Sox vs. Swift Current Indians

RedSoxThe Regina Red Sox were scheduled to open their 2014 Western Major Baseball League schedule on the road against the Beavers in Weyburn last night. This afternoon they open the home portion of their season at Currie Field at 2:05 p.m. against the Swift Current Indians. Like the Red Sox, the Indians traditionally have a pretty strong squad. Although because the WMBL relies heavily on U.S. college players there typically is a lot of roster turnover so it’s always hard to predict how teams are going to perform year to year.

The Melville Millionaires are the defending WMBL champions, and after today’s game the Red Sox will journey north to tackle them in a two-game set on Monday and Tuesday. Then they’re back home to play the Moose Jaw Miller Express on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Single game tickets for the Red Sox are adults $10, youth 5-14 $5, while kids under 5 are free. You can find out more info on the team via their website.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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4 thoughts on “Regina Red Sox vs. Swift Current Indians”

  1. “Swift Current Indians”? It’s one thing for 100-year-old franchises to be named after Indians…it’s another for new teams to adopt the name. How do you even sit down in this day and age and throw out the name “Indians”? It isn’t like they’re any way affiliated with the Cleveland org. That’s just stupid, the “Swift Current Indians”. Up next, the Melville Orientals vs. the Battleford Arabs.

  2. Talbot, the SC Indians were named so in 1950. It hardly a new name. That said, it’s a horrible name that ought to be changed.

    I’m especially pissed off at the name because it’s fucking Swift Current. At less than 2% First Nations, Swift Current is easily the fucking whitest Saskatchewan city of its size. The three most shockingly unembarrassed racists I ever met in my life were from Swift.

    If anyone’s going to the game today, I suggest they carry signs “supporting” the Swift Current Blatant Racists.

  3. hear hear!

    i had cousins growing up in swift current, aka speedy creek, and i recall hearing about a law and/or long held custom that restricted the number of non-whites, aka indians, that was held tightly as current as the mid 1980s. tres interesing or coincidental for certain!….

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