Six In The Morning

1 SIX IN THE MORNING EXCLUSIVE I can confirm, after having attended yesterday’s University of Regina convocation ceremony, that Chancellor William Ready knows Pinterest exists, at least enough to reference it in the speech he gave. (As a side note, congrats to all the graduates celebrating this week.)

2 DIRTY, DIRTY PROVINCE A survey assessing how green the provinces and territories are graded Saskatchewan a C. We’re not alone at the bottom, though — we’re tied with Alberta.

3 GENTLEMEN, START YOUR NUCLEAR REACTORS Japan has restarted two of their 50 nuclear reactors, the first to be back up and running following the Fukushima disaster. Understandably, the Japanese people aren’t too keen on the idea.

4 WELL NOW AMERICA’S HEALED Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner hugged yesterday. If you have that sealed in an envelope somewhere that you mailed to yourself on January 1, I will believe anything you have to say about the future.

5 PROMETHEUS IS OUT The reviews are generally positive — Rotten Tomatoes currently has it pegged at 74 per cent based on 162 reviews — though the feeling that I’m getting from a lot of the reviews is “Ooo, it’s pretty but a little confusing.”


But what’s expected to take place off the field has health experts concerned. An estimated 360,000 Ukrainians — more than 1 percent of the population — are infected with AIDS or the virus that causes AIDS, the highest rate in Europe. Sex workers are one of the hardest-hit groups.

All these visiting men, lots of alcohol and the availability of prostitution could result in a wave of new infections. Health officials in Ukraine are doing their best to prevent that.

BONUS! Canada and the U.N. are in a tiff over torture; R.I.P. Bob Welch, early member of Fleetwood Mac; and Elliott Brood is slated to play the Artful Dodger at the end of the month.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

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  1. I remember when Bob Welch won 27 games for the As in 1990 – that was one hell of a season.

  2. Bob Welch never woulda won 27 if he was playing for the Cs. Bob Welch was all As.

  3. The rumored new stadium better have a playing surfsce good enough for a MLSoccer team to play here,too.

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