Six In The Morning: Savagery, Spying, Stupidity, Snakes And Batman


1 ANOTHER GANG-RAPE IN INDIA Story here. Just brutal.

2 TRUDEAU HAS SMOKED POT SINCE BEING ELECTED Here’s the news and here’s an opinion.

3 ALL YOUR INTERNETS ARE BELONG TO US The NSA paid Google, Yahoo and other companies to bring their equipment into spying compliance. I’m sure the many Dog Blog readers who support illegal government surveillance, intimidation of journalists and throwing whistleblowers into solitary confinement will think there’s nothing wrong with that.

4 PYTHON TRAGEDY UPDATE The owner of a rock python that killed two boys  literally had blood on his hands when police arrived. The story doesn’t say this but it was probably his — angry pythons have sharp teeth. And for the record: people should be able to get licenses to own large pythons. For the small minority of reptile enthusiasts who have the resources (feeding and caging are expensive!) and inclination, they’re interesting animals to keep and, hell yeah, share with the world. Besides, large pythons are  lot less dangerous than guns, dogs, cigarettes, alcohol, cars and other things adults are allowed to own and use, so let’s avoid projecting ignorance, prejudice and fear onto responsible reptile keepers. Thanks!

5 THE FAILED RESPONSE TO HURRICANE KATRINA WAS ALL OBAMA’S FAULT! So say Louisiana Republicans. Hurricane Katrina happened in 2005, three years before Obama was elected president.*

6 BATFFLECK! Ben Affleck will star as the caped crusader in the sequel to Man Of Steel and OH NOES the Internet is angry!

SPEAKING OF SUPERHEORES SUPERHEROES How It Should Have Ended’s take on Man Of Steel is dead-on. Enjoy.

*H/T To Friend Of The Dog, Dr. Travis.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees.

3 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Savagery, Spying, Stupidity, Snakes And Batman”

  1. 1) India has a loooonnng way to go before Rape is taken seriously.
    2) Jack Layton smoked pot too. Politicians smoking pot isn’t seen as a bad thing anymore.
    3) Paid them? Guess that makes them NSA’s bitches!
    4) Unfortunately SW, dumb people will still continue to own potentially dangerous pets. This won’t be the last story of a pet snake killing someone.
    5) That makes no sense whatsoever!
    6) With Argo under Ben’s belt of credibility, he has potential to be the next movie BATMAN! As long as he learned from his mistakes when he portrayed Daredevil.

    I love the How It Should Have Ended spoofs. So funny!

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