Six In The Morning: Short And Sour

6-in-the-morning1 GUILTY AND FACING THE DEATH SENTENCE Four men have been convicted of murder in Delhi after a savage sexual assault caused the death of a 23-year-old student.

2 SYRIA AND THE U.S.: SLOWWWLY BACKING AWAY FROM THE PRECIPICE It looks like a Russian plan to put Syria’s chemical weapons under international control might be enough to stop an American attack that virtually no one wants. Should slow things down at minimum.

3 QUEBEC’S DUMBASS, RACIST CHARTER OF VALUES COMES OUT TODAY So women wearing the hijab is sexist? How about makeup? Western society virtually forces women to wear makeup. Let’s ban that too since we’re all about not discriminating against women. Or maybe  this is just not the way to build a secular society.

4 FUCK THE ENVIRONMENT, GIMME JOBS, JOBS, JOBS Deloitte says TransCanada Corp’s pipeline could create 10,000 jobs. I didn’t read the whole article — does that include all the jobs created by oil spills and global warming related disasters?

5 THEY MET, THEY TALKED, APPARENTLY THEY WERE PLEASED Federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair and Sask Premier Brad Wall had a chit-chateroo at the Legislature yesterday. Speaking of the NDP, they’re chit-chatteroo-ing in Saskatoon today.

6 SAVE THE LSVCC! Quebec is trying to stop the Harper government from killing an investment tax credit that helps small business. This change has a Prairie Dog angle, by the way: we’re an LSVCC and we might not exist without this tax credit. No wonder Harper’s killing it. Obviously only rich people should be allowed to own companies in his world. Conservatives have no clue how to manage an economy.


Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees.

3 thoughts on “Six In The Morning: Short And Sour”

  1. (3) It just slays me that Quebec, formerly New France, is taking its hardline stance on religious garb from the “mother” country that threw it under the bus over 250 years ago, and whose revolution, which championed secularization among other things, was roundly condemned by its former colony. Oh, reading history is so much fun.

  2. (3) WOAAAH! Let’s not get carried away, Stephan. I don’t think ANYONE is ready to see the world without makeup…

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