Six In The Morning: Various Things

6-in-the-morning1 IS THE U.S. ABOUT TO ATTACK SYRIA? Kinda sounds like it. I’d prefer a diplomatic solution to removing Syria’s evil regime, personally. More here and here. Oh! And Canada has been notified.


3 CREDIT UNIONS UNDER A-TAX Ha ha, I made a pun. Anyway, the federal Conservatives changed the rules for credit unions this year and it sounds like they’re getting creamed. This government has a very weak understanding of how a diverse economy works. Pretty much all they know how to do is sell non-renewable resources.

4 RAY BOUGHEN WON’T SEEK A THIRD TERM Best wishes to the retiring Conservative MP. I’ve consistently heard he’s a nice man, though obviously his taste in political parties was terrrrrible.

5 THE WASHINGTON POST EDITORIAL BOARD HAS CAUGHT UP TO OPINIONS I HAD 30 YEARS AGO WHEN I WAS A TEENAGER”…a draft leaked to reporters last week indicates that, for most people, the report will serve as another stern warning about the risks of continuing to pump carbon dioxide into the air.” No duh. Sadly, they still print garbage like this by Charles “global temperatures have been flat for 16 years”* Krauthammer.

*No they haven’t. Krauthammer’s using a common distortion used by armchair skeptics who, in our view criminally, spread misinformation about climate change. This goes to the fact that 1998 used to be a record setting year for global temperatures. If you start counting from there, as Krauthammer more or less is, it’s going to look like there’s  no long-term temperature increase on our planet. Of course if you look at the last 100-plus years, you’ll get a VERY different picture. It’s easy to make your lies look like facts when you cherry pick the parameters of your data.

Here’s an example that might be easier for the global warming denying stumps to understand: did you know that  Montreal Canadiens LW Brandon Prust is a point-per-game forward? It’s true! In four games from March 2, 2013 to March 7, 2013 he scored four points. You can’t argue with my facts! And we’ll just ignore the fact that his season totals were 14 points in 38 games. Derp derp derp.

Anyway, publishing demonstrable bullshit for any reason other than pure entertainment value is malpractice, and media outlets need to knock it off.

6 ANOTHER SENATOR RESIGNS This one liberal. The NDP, meanwhile, has had enough of this Senate malarkey.

YO-YO TRICKS! Why not. Via Kottke.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees.

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  1. There is a time not too far from now, when climate change deniers will be seen by all as the hucksters that said smoking is not dangerous. They use the same playbook.

  2. @indy 500: Don’t know about Mulcair specifically but the NDP was opposed to the senate before Wall became premier.

  3. @John Klein: They don’t just use the same playbook, they’re the same people. Example: climate denier Steve Milloy who, according to SourceWatch, has been a paid advocate for the tobacco company formerly known as Philip Morris (it’s been called Altria Group since 2001).

  4. Party in the Woods Tonight:

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    Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013 at 7pm
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    This seminar will be of interest to anyone who likes to travel including winter snowbirds.

    Call Jo at 1-866-691-3577 for more information.

    Ray made a mistake spending his 70s shilling for Buck Harper.

  5. I’d go to this following the Sept 11th anniversary just to see if he opens with Conservative issue 9/11 video, catalyst for the “often complicated airport security measures we often find ourselves encountering in these wonderfully prosperous but difficult times.”

    Plane n’OK: Ovaltine; water; Bourbon
    Plane OK: jelly beans, calorie-reduced black current-flavoured cookies, your favourite literature, thigh master

  6. “Anyway, publishing demonstrable bullshit for any reason other than pure entertainment value is malpractice, and media outlets need to knock it off.”

    I look forward to next week’s exciting 3 page edition of the Prairie Dog…

  7. I took your advice on the lake thing by the way. It was very refreshing on a hot a day. Thanks for he tip.

  8. 1) The US should wait for the UN chemical experts get themselves out first.
    2) The Water Watch should be more scrutinized themselves.
    3) A-Tax? Haha, Good 1!
    4) See, not all Conservatives are that damn evil.
    5) Things are looking up.
    6) Senate staying for now. As Indy 500 pointed out, Brad Wall did make some news talking about it, but he’s backed off. NDP can chant about it and most people will agree with it, but why no appettite to reopen the constitution to abolish the senate?

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