There Is Power In A Union

Yeah, okay, you might have already heard that I’m pro-union. But as James pointed out this morning, Canadian unionization is on the decline. That’s not a bad thing because I’m pro-union; it’s a bad thing because, without the advantages that unionization confers and the ways it gives power to the people who are the true engines of production and of the economy, we’d all be working 60-hour weeks under the thumb of Dickensian villain-bosses.

If you need a reminder of why union membership is important, here is ex-union member and union supporter and incredible songwriter and all-around great guy John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats, with an old standard he recorded in support of the Wisconsin General Strike last spring.

Its sentiment is worth revisiting.

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2 thoughts on “There Is Power In A Union”

  1. yup $650m ++ pension deficit, for us non-unionized people to pay for the city + provincial “worker” retirement plans..

    If they can’t/won’t work sat/sun/holidays, without serious “overtime” pay, what is their real purpose? To get while the gettings are good?

  2. Another Labour Day weekend has come and gone. Perfect opportunity for labour activists/lobbyists/unions to remind us of their glorious old days and past successes.

    Good for John C if he’s a pro-union guy. I’m more of a non-union guy who supports some private unions.

    I’m sympathetic and supportive of the few private and trade unions who understand the economy and the realities that goes with it in terms of productivity and competition. There are some private unions who clearly don’t get that.

    Public unions are a different matter altogether. I have little to no sympathy for them or their leaders.

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