Tuesday Night Recap

Some people prefer to drink cocktails on Friday, others on Saturday. I like Tuesday. No big crowds, pretty cheap drink specials, and apparently – lots of great entertainment! 

Ryan Meili, a provincial NDP leadership candidate, had a fundraiser at the Artful Dodger last night and it included a night packed with local talent. Slam poet, Adam Smith, opened up the event.

Comedian Jayden Pfeifer was up next.

Julia McDougall shared a couple songs before Belle Plaine closed out the evening.   As a surprise act, Ryan Meili even joined Belle Plaine on stage for a couple songs.

The night of music didn’t there. Marshall Burns opened for Julia McDougall at O’Hanlons. Busy girl, that Julia.

Great night…and now I have a Saturday hangover, on a Wednesday. Imagine that.

Author: Kim Jay

Aspiring cat lady - loves live music, food, taking photos and lifesaver mints. Kim's an east-coaster who graduated from the U of R's Journalism program, currently lives in Victoria, BC. Kim is happiest on days when her prairie dog subscription arrives in the snail mail.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Recap”

  1. Wow, Ryan Meili, that’s exactly the way I dressed the year-plus I worked for the prov govt. I even had an Oxfprd dress shirt that shade of sage. I was never quite sure whether in my temp role at an entry level whether I should up my game or keep it sub-casual. In retrospect, I should have upped my game.

    As for the first guy, how do certain dudes get/stay that skinny? Does he swim 7 miles a day? Does he only eat lettuce? The shirt and sweater almost look painted on. Bravo!

  2. Full disclosure: Still have no idea who to support in leadership race. Two of them have seats, advantage Wotherspoon/Broten, and if Forbes stepped aside for Meili, that’s more of a lock than Lakeview would be for Weir. So even though I may lean Weir, like 2-3% moreso than for the others, he has the longest road into the actual Legislature, which is obviously important. But who knows. Who knows, eh?

  3. I think having someone not in the leg is important. It’s like having an extra MLA on the ground to do all the very important outreach work and rebuilding that’s needed.

    Plus, when you look at the ones in the leg you’ve already seen them in action and from what I see it’s the same old. And that’s why the party’s in the shape it’s in. It needs a shake up, and Meili is the best bet to do that.

  4. Woodland angel, I don’t buy your argument that it’s an advantage for Meili not to be in the leg. The leg doesn’t sit very often for one thing, only March-May and then they don’t sit till the end of October. So he wouldn’t have that much more time, and anyway he would run in a by-election at the earliest opportunity if he won.

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