Webcomics What’s What: Piled Higher And Deeper

I’m not a regular reader of Jorge Cham’s PHD Comics (which, as the title of this post indicates, stands for Piled Higher and Deeper Comics). It’s a weekly strip about life in grad school. And even though I spent more years than I like count in university and even though my wife is a prof and thus well entrenched in that life, reading tales about academia has long ago lost its allure for me.

Someone needs to write a comic strip about a stay-at-home dad who does a little freelance work on the side.

Oh wait, it’s called [email protected] and it’s been in newspapers since 1984. Yeah, I’m not going to read that. Too few zombies and octopus attacks. I want something true to my life.

Anyway, I bring up PHD Comics — which is a great and venerable webcomic, with archives dating back to 1997 — because James Brotheridge tipped me to a comic Cham, along with Dwayne Godwin, did for Scientific American on the subject of vaccination. They cover in one page of pictures what it took me 1,500 words to say in our December vaccination article. If I’d known this comic existed, we could have reprinted that and it would have saved me a lot of time.

Click on the image below to see the full comic.

Author: Paul Dechene

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3 thoughts on “Webcomics What’s What: Piled Higher And Deeper”

  1. I got that dime sized,16 hole left shoulder shot in the arm,and more or less permanent scar waaayyy back when I was just barley 6 years old , at my elementary school. ( school is fun kids, except for today…)

    Measles 13 , Chicken Pox 17, no big deal.
    A few days off school and some extra T.V. time.

  2. You sure you had measles? There’s a less-serious, measles-like virus you can get that lots of parents misdiagnose but isn’t actually red measles, aka the measles that killed three people per thousand who got it in the U.S. between 1987 and 2000.

    As for chicken pox, I don’t know how old you are but I don’t think Canada started regularly vaccinating against it until fairly recently.

    As for the extra TV time… between surprise PD days, a superfluous second spring break and days off for various non-vaccine-preventable colds, my kid is getting more than enough time off from school. Vaccines don’t just keep my kids safe from disease, they contribute to my sanity.

  3. That big scar is from the smallpox vaccination; I have one, too, but the next generation hasn’t, thanks to science and the dedication of medical teams who eradicated the disease.
    Chickenpox vaccinations are quite recent. Everyone who had the disease is at future risk for shingles; it’s the same virus, dormant since the original infection. People with shingles should stay away from children and people with compromised immune systems, because they could unwittingly pass on chickenpox.
    Yeah, measles: it’s tough to tell red from German, and then there’s fifth disease. Pregnant women need to avoid possible measles sufferers, just as a precaution.

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