Will You Ever Look At An Archie Comic The Same Way Again?

Don’t think Betty and Veronica would be impressed either … (TMZ.com)

According to the lawsuit, filed yesterday in NY, several employees have lodged complaints about (Archie Comics Corporation co-chief executive officer) Nancy Silberkleit’s “offensive” behavior … including one time in 2009, when she barged into a meeting and “pointed to each [attendee] and said, ‘PENIS, PENIS, PENIS, PENIS’ and then walked out.”

Nancy allegedly pulled the same “penis” stunt again in 2010 — but this time she also screamed out, “My balls hurt.”

Jughead was unavailable for comment.

Author: Stephen LaRose

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  1. To be fair, if it was a male boss that yelled “VAGINA, VAGINA, VAGINA,” Archie would have fired him a long time ago.

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