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It’s October, and I’ve been doing my annual 31 Days of Horror daily column on Dog Blog (“the official blog of Prairie Dog”). This year’s series is called Aiiieeeee!!! Canada, and you can probably guess what it’s about. Check it out at Speaking of it being October,  we’re officially in the fall/winter movie season. The next two weeks look pretty busy. Before you know it, will be November and all the big blockbusters will arrive: Thor: Ragnarok (Nov. 3), Justice League (Nov. 17) and The Last Jedi (Dec. 15), maybe one or two others. We just seem to bounce from one blockbuster season to the next nowadays. /Shane Hnetka


Friday 13

THE FOREIGNER Jackie Chan is a relentless force of vengeance hunting the terrorists  who killed his daughter in a London bombing. The question is, does mild-mannered Pierce Brosnan know their names? Two-time James Bond helmer Martin Campbell directs this action thriller. Looks like it might be a blast (literally), and a bit of a departure for Chan.

HAPPY DEATH DAY Remember Groundhog Day? This horror movie is like that except instead of Bill Murray it’s about murder victim Jessica Rothe, who relives the same awful day over and over. Do you think if she discovers who kills her, she’ll be able to get on with her life?

MARSHALL It’s a bio-pic about Thurgood Marshall, the first African American to become a Supreme Court Justice. Marshall focuses on Thurgood’s early life as a lawyer, and a trial where he defended a black man accused of the rape and attempted murder of a white woman.

PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN Hmm, another bio-pic. Weird — two in one week, and both on Friday the 13, and neither of them about horror writers or directors. Anyway, this one is about the good Professor Marston. Who is Professor Marston, you ask? William Moulton Marston created the super hero Wonder Woman (under the pen name Charles Moulton). He also had a very interesting personal life, and this movie is about it.

Friday 20

GEOSTORM Ugh. Roland Emmerich’s writing partner, Dean Devlin, is trying his hand at directing but it looks like he’s still stuck in “Independence Day” mode. This crappy-looking disaster film is about powerful satellites that control the Earth’s weather (???) going berserk and destroying civilization, along with, I assume, several famous monuments. It’s amazing Hollywood puts out guaranteed-to-flop crap like this.

ONLY THE BRAVE This “based on a true story” tale is about a group of firefighters who fought a big fire in Arizona that, sadly, killed 19 of them. Leave it to Hollywood to make a buck off that tragedy. Director Joseph Kosinski was the helmer behind Tron Legacy and Oblivion, so keep your expectations (if you have any) in check. Then again, Only The Brave has enough talent: Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, Jeff Bridges, James Badge Dale, Taylor Kitsch and Jennifer Connelly (starring as “The Only Female Character In Another Movie About Dudes”) are all here (I assume for the paycheque rather than the art). So maybe it will be all right. Shrug.

SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME Why look, another movie based on real life events that really happened for real. This one is about Greg Kinnear befriending a homeless man (Djimon Hounsou), because Kinnear’s wife (Renée Zellweger) had a dream. Or something like that. Paramount made the movie but had so little faith in it they dropped it. Christian distributor Pure Flix picked it up and dumped it in theatres this very busy weekend. Good luck with that.

THE SNOWMAN Very cool-looking thriller from Tomas Alfredson, the excellent director of Let the Right One In. Michael Fassbender stars as a troubled cop trying to track down a deadly serial killer who only murders people in winter. Looks very creepy and fun.

TYLER PERRY’S BOO 2! A MADEA HALLOWEEN This sequel to Tyler Perry’s Madea Halloween probably won’t open here, even though Perry’s movies open in wide release in the States and usually do quite well. For whatever reason (cough, racism), they practically never play in Saskatchewan.

RPL Film Theatre

Thursday 12

7:00 ONE BIG HOME This documentary looks at so-called “masionization” in Martha’s Vineyard and examine the problems with insanely massive trophy homes that sit vacant most of the year. One Big Home follows former builder Thomas Bena as he fights for a bylaw to limit the size of mansions.

9:00 LOSING OUR RELIGION This documentary takes a look at pastors, preachers, priests and clergypeople who no longer believe in God and are trying to move forward as atheists while looking for work and meaning, often while still running churches. Filmmakers Leif Kaldor and Leslea Mair are originally from Regina and will be on hand to discuss their movie.

Friday 13


9:00 BEATRIZ AT DINNER Salma Hayek stars as a massage therapist who is invited to dinner at a rich client’s house with a wealthy businessman (John Lithgow) who is a steaming sack of rhino-murdering feces.

Saturday 14



Sunday 15



Wednesday 18

7:00 ROMANTICS ANONYMOUS A French romantic comedy about two people suffering from social anxiety who fall in love in a chocolate store.

Thursday 19

7:00 SOUR GRAPES A documentary about the world of wine auctions, and a talented and charismatic con man named Rudy Kurniawan who made millions selling fake wine.

9:00 BUGS A look at the struggle to feed the world’s ever-growing population. If only there was a nutritious alternative to resource-intensive animal proteins! But what?

Friday 20

7:00 BUGS


Saturday 21

7:00 JEREMIAH TOWER: THE LAST MAGNIFICENT Part of RPL’s annual Foodie Night, this documentary follows the career of legendary chef Jeremiah Tower, a California cuisine pioneer.

Sunday 22

2:30 BUGS


Wednesday 25

7:00 TRIP TO ITALY Trip To Italy follows Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon to, wait for it, Italy (who’d have guessed). The pair eat in restaurants and talk about a variety of subjects in this Michael Winterbottom-directed film.

Kramer IMAX

EXTREME WEATHER Fall is upon us and that means that extremely cold weather of the solid yet flakey water variety is  coming. The warmest way to experience such conditions is to watch this doc.

FEAST OF FILM DOUBLE FEATURE On Oct. 13 it’s a double feature of horror on the big, big screen. First up is Friday the 13th, followed by the Wes Craven horror classic Scream. Two great horror movies on a towering screen, and on Friday the 13, too? Sounds terrifyingly fun.

DREAM BIG: ENGINEERING OUR WORLD Expand your horizons! Boost your potential! Enrich your mind! Make the world a better place! You can do all this and more, thanks to the modern-day miracle some people like to call “engineering”. See this doc and learn more!

GREAT WHITE SHARK This documentary demystifies an animal once considered a killer but now correctly appreciated as an affectionate and intelligent pet that’s great with children.

PANDAS: THE JOURNEY HOME What’s black and white and 52 feet tall? This new IMAX documentary that opens Oct. 20.